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Part of our neighbourhood

As mentioned in my previous post, Bergen, aside from being beautiful is also the rainiest city of Europe and thus my preoccupation with anything water-resistant or waterproof. I already got the outerwear and the footwear covered, but I’m lacking in the accessories department. I need a bag that is impervious to rain and most of the waterproof bags I’ve seen were criminally hideous.

When I learned that the Norwegian label Swims produced a lovely waterproof weekend bag, I immediately bought one. The bag is stylish and impermeable with superb quality. After using it for almost a year, I’m still satisfied with it, but I do wished it was equipped with a shoulder strap or something.

The Swims weekend bag

Sporting the Swims weekend bag at work.

Searching online, I discovered another label called Rains from Denmark and they have a range of fashionably minimalistic waterproof backpacks. I was surprised at first when I saw the prices – it’s inexpensive! And without further contemplations, I bought one and I got the bag after three working days.

The Rains backpack.

It looked gorgeous in person, but I was slightly disappointed with the flimsy construction and subpar quality. I only used it for two days and I noticed that it could not support a heavy weight as the straps were starting to give way. Now, it’s sitting in our closet and I’ll probably give it away since Odd doesn’t want it.

I think it’s wise to wait since Hunter is now offering water-resistant backpacks (finally!) as part of their Fall/Winter 2014 line called Original Brights. I’m so getting this bag in peacock colour!

The Hunter water-resistant backpack.

On another note, Odd and I went to the Bergen Matfestival (Bergen Food Festival), which is held annually and the only thing I could say is they should do this every month!

Lots of people despite the gloomy weather.

Pickled and preserved fruits.

Cookies, cakes and tea

Locally made jam and some freshly baked skillingsboller or shilling buns.

The sexy Tesla. I’m digging that huge screen!

Norwegian Rain In The City That Never Dries

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Beautiful Bergen

“Why does it rain?” I asked my mother. I was four years old by then.

“’s mother Mary peeing up from heaven,” said my mother without batting an eyelash.

Being a child, I was naive and most of all coming from a Catholic family, I believed her that time. Whenever it rains I imagined the mother of Jesus taking a number one. My thoughts were filled with fascination and a mix of slight revulsion. Who wouldn’t be grossed out when you thought that rainwater was actually urine.

I learned later about rain when I started going to school. It was interesting, but not as exciting about a person up there taking a leak. Somehow my mother’s version of rain stimulated my imagination, despite how false it was. That particular story always bring a smile on my face and somehow paved my way for my future relationship with rain.

Fast forward to the present, I live in Bergen and in my own opinion, the most beautiful city in Norway and the city that never dries if I may add. Dubbed as the rainiest city in Europe, Bergen is quite synonymous to rain.

I have a love and hate relationship with rain even though it’s conducive to my creativity. I do admit the hate part stemmed from the lack of beautiful rainwear. It’s hard to be fashionable when there’s a cloudburst or a squall involved. My salvation came from this beautiful homegrown designer label called Norwegian Rain and in fact I have a blog entry about the label two years ago (link here).


Since their launching, I’ve been meaning to buy one of their 100% waterproof, windproof, breathable and overall fabulous coats, but for some weird reason I end up buying another label. Have you experienced something like that? Sometimes my brain works in mysterious ways I tell you. But last week, I took the plunge and bought my very first Norwegian Rain coat.

The interior of T-Michael, Norwegian Rain’s flagship store in Bergen.

The first time I wore it, I felt like a million dollars. The coat was exquisite to the sense of sight and comfortable to wear. It slips easily to the contours of your body like butter on warm toast. I really love it! It compliments my personal style and I could wear it dress down or dress up. Very practical. A marriage between style and substance.






With Norwegian Rain, you’re no longer required to make sartorial sacrifices because of something that is natural as rain. To know more about Norwegian Rain please check their website

Note: Photos are taken just outside our home in Nordnes, Bergen.

IKEA Hacking: Brimnes Headboard

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I was looking for a headboard with storage possibilities to maximise and utilise the space we have in our bedroom. Scouring the local interior stores here in Bergen, I finally found it in IKEA. It was the Brimnes headboard and we bought it without further ruminations. Once we got home, assembled it and placed it in our bedroom, I realised it was jarringly plain even to a minimalist such as yours truly. I had to do something about it and my husband decided to leave me to my own devices. He trusts my design instincts to say the least.

The Brimnes headboard.

So, I started by doing some research and found this lovely hack from Currystrumpet. It was beautifully done and I was totally inspired. Still, I wanted to do it differently and the idea of hanging a wallpaper was intimidating since I haven’t done it before. Call it coincidence, but one day while we were clearing our storage room, I managed to find those slatted bed base from our old bed and a lightbulb just flickered in my head.

The wooden slats from the bed base.

The wooden slats were just on the right size especially the length. With just a few screws, a drill, a pair of scissors and pliers, I transformed this plain and cold Brimnes headboard into something warm and organic.

Voila! The finish product!