An Afternoon With T-Michael

26 thoughts on “An Afternoon With T-Michael”

  1. Seems like this guy is really nice, despite the most of the famous people which are some asses.

    I am sure that his future is bright, he seems to have amazing clothes and he’s really talented.

    Your themes will be amazing, you can be sure about it. You’re really talented:D

  2. Totally irrelevant to the post above but I just noticed now that the cat on the left side of your background moves! Awesome! And I’m going through your previous posts to find out more about the Charles / Odd love story. =)

  3. Wonderful series of the designer, he knows what he is doing…
    The series about Rome are just so good, great pictures and love it that both you and Odd are in it :)
    Please say HI to Odd, how is Happy?
    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. Oh Charlie,

    Magnificent article! Yes, T-Michael does seem quite serene and I am guessing that his work, as a result of it, must be sophisticated (as it must translate the depth of his ideas and thoughts).

    The bag on the shop’s window is beautiful.
    When I visit Oslo (I have a promise to uphold) I might visit his store.


  5. Yeah, that man definitely has a pretty keen sense of style. Even the measuring tape that he’s wearing around his neck even makes it look pretty suave.

  6. This was an awesome, awesome post and I’m glad you had the opportunity to talk to Michael and that you shared this with us. :)

    I definitely agree that location shouldn’t hinder creativity or style. :D

  7. wow!! inspiring person coming from the fashion industry!!!

    specially about saying: location is not a hindrance to creativity.

    thanks for sharing this.

    its refreshing to read your blog once more!! missing the bloghop here!

    with much love,


  8. Wow he sounds great the way you described him.

    I’ve never met a designer personally, but I’ve been to a couple of fashion shows, one in which was a celebrity fashion show hosted by designer J. Bolin ( I love the designers who actually makes stuff that you would actually wear. haha. :D

  9. WOW! I can’t believe you got to interview him! I am not a huge fashion follower (as in the designers themselves) but I love designer clothes. My mom has one of his purses. His stuff has a very different style to it. Or maybe that’s just what I think. He seems to be a very inspirational person.

  10. I love the photos you took for this post, and I also dig that smart-looking bag by the window of T. Michael’s shop!

    T. Michael sounds like a swell person, and I’m glad that you had a wonderful time interviewing him. It’s a pity that we cannot see more of his works up close and personal, but in the name of privacy and intellectual property, it’s understandable. The elbow pads on the blazer he’s working on looks great. In fact, I happen to be looking for a similar piece for myself!

    What a wonderful opportunity, to be able to interview a local designer. I wish I could have that chance to have a one-on-one with people from the local industry here. Perhaps in the future! Crossing fingers!

    Hope you had a good weekend, Charles!

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