An Easter Weekend In Our Neighbourhood

8 thoughts on “An Easter Weekend In Our Neighbourhood”

  1. Nice neighbourhood, must be great living there.
    Anne Pedersdotter, burned at the stake in 1590, if my memory is correct.
    They made a play about her.

    1. It’s a really nice neighbourhood, but the location is everything since work, gym and stores are like 5 minutes walking distance :)

      Yes, the play about Anne Pedersdotter is still ongoing in the national theatre here in Bergen :)

  2. You live in a very beautiful place :) My boyfriend and I have travels to Europe in the works. Most recently, we have flights booked for Paris -> Istanbul -> Amsterdam in the Fall. I really, really want to Norway thanks to you and your beautiful photography. I also love how you’ve described the place in your writings over the years of reading your blog.

    Seattle, like Bergen, is a very gray and rainy city. While many might prefer sunnier cities, I actually think there’s something inspiring about that weather. I don’t feel limited when it rains. That’s actually when I prefer to do outdoorsy stuff because it doesn’t get as hot. Also, what writer doesn’t thrive off sipping coffee while typing in a cafe while it’s rainy out? I know it’s a bit romanticized but I love it.

    Really hoping we can make it out to Bergen in the next couple years. Until then, keep the beautiful pics coming :)

    1. Hi gorgeous! Thank you! I’m always grateful to live in a beautiful city. Seattle is actually a sister city of Bergen because of their similarity in climate. I would love to visit Seattle someday because I heard a lot of good things about that fine city ranging to food, culture and experience :)

      I know what you mean about the rain. I find that rain nurtures my creativity :)

      Paris is nice during fall because it’s not that hot. Was there during the middle of summer and I didn’t like it. I’ve never been to Istanbul or Amsterdam yet, but those cities are also in my list :) You should blog about your trip :)

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