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  1. Fabulous. Seriously, when i compare my blog to yours it’s like the day and the night. I’m so impress by all the work u’ve put in this blog/portfolio. Hope ur teachers love it.

  2. Love the pictures…especially the house with reds.

    BTW, Chuck E Cheese is like a pizza parlour with lots of toys and computer games and arcades for the little ones. I noticed my kids lost interest by the time they’re 8.

  3. spring has sprung!

    wordpress is great! i use it for my photoblog and for the group blog i admin for, but my personal blog is stuck in blogger. i must say that i will miss the queer chef. i keep my portfolio separate from my blog so that i can be completely random, and clients will be spared from the oversharing :D

    1. WordPress is indeed great especially if one knows it full capabilities.

      I will miss The Queer Chef too, but I felt that it’s the time for me to move on. It’s also difficult to manage two blogs at the same time. I tried it before with my very first blog, Bend It Like A Banana and a food blog. Until I got fed up that’s the time The Queer Chef was born.

      That’s true with the over-sharing part. That’s why I have to restrain myself so that I won’t write some risque topics. Hehehehhe

  4. Such a lovely town, I should visit it one day :)
    I like the color of the shop. Or I think I might just be biased because I love the color RED. Hahaa! Hey, why were they swordfighting? The guy on the right even seemed like he was in a costume.

    One last, I think the church is just divine! It looks like something you see in the movies, really cool.

    1. Yes, Bergen is such a lovely city. If you’re going to visit here, you’re so welcome to stay with us.

      In regards with the sword fighting, I think they’re rehearsing for some kind of a play or show. I wasn’t able to ask them.

  5. It’s a nice new design, but you shouldn’t bury either your raunchy or superficial part, otherwise they will pop up when you least expect them to.

  6. Hi Charles….I love seeing where you live and your neighborhood….Unfortunately, I am still have trouble “reading” your blog…The words HOME and ABOUT and BLOG, etc., etc….are covering the actual blog posts and part of the pictures, too…This STILL may be a problem of my resolution…And if that is the case, I am really sorry. I am caught between a rock and a hard place, as they say….
    What is interesting is…when I get to the comments…the box covers those words enough that the comment box is like the top page—if this makes any sense…Where-as, the blog post writing scrolls behind those words and your name making it look like it is underneath those words, etc…..
    I don’t know what to do about it.

  7. Interesting to get a new blog as one grows. I think my first is my last though. I’m trying to figure out what country you’re in.

  8. Thanks for the Link, Charles….I’m thinking maybe I should use this address on my sidebar…I do not even know what an RSS Feed is…! (lol) I am not up on any of these things…BUT, I could read your post without interference! XXXX, N.

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