Blast From The Past

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  1. What a WONDERFUL Beginning, for you two—-It is so sweet and Romantic and very dear…I LOVE that both of you are saying, “I’m not ready or looking for a boyfriend…” LOL, LOL…Well, there you are! Happily Married….BRAVO!

  2. “Can I kiss you?” WINNAR CHARLES! Hahaha. Ang adorable naman. And ngayon ko lang nalaman na Odd’s younger than you. And nice segue at the end, more kwento!

  3. Awesome beginning! I read this on a Friday morning, after getting out of bed. Your story provided just the right positive energy to finish this otherwise hectic week. I know what I just said might not make sense, but I’d like to let you know that reading this made me smile. :)

  4. I really don’t know how to react but looks like their were sparks with love one the way…good luck my friend. keep us posted.

  5. Okay, I had to go back. Charles, are talking about your husband? Is this current or a walk down memory lane?

  6. Ha ha! That’s a very long foreplay.
    I am not very good with words.
    Why don’t you put some pictures to show us your step-by-step adventure! Ha! I believe your readers are all over 18!
    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    1. Lol! I agree, but this blog is quite child-friendly than my previous blog. I deleted it because now I’m entering the world of business and career where sometimes some people judge you not with your work, but you are as a person.

      1. You’re what you are. ;)
        Never judge a book by its cover, remember.
        Now, are you a holy bible or a dirty magazine? Ha ha…
        I’m a comic book! Perhaps a R-rated one! A ha ha!

  7. That was a very romantic story! I went “awwww” reading the post Chase. (:

    I like the wallpaper you did but too bad the size does not fit my screen, too small! ):

  8. This is such a sweet story! Thank you so much for sharing it! :)

    I love your wallpaper, too! You are so talented both as a writer and a designer!

  9. !!!!

    This whole time, when I was reading your entry, all I could think of was “Zomg, this is getting good….ok THEN what happen…and then? and then!?…” Haha you really know how to suck your readers in.

    I think it’s such a sweet little story. Reading this really made me think of me and my boyfriend’s first date/kiss, and then I smiled, ’cause you really never forget that first kiss or that first physical connection you have with your lover. ^_^

    Also, the cougar comment made me laugh. My boyfriend is 11 years older than–I would have never imagine to date someone as old as him, but I really don’t feel the age difference. We’re on the same page. We feel like we’re the same age, so I’m sure you feel the same way with your husband. :)

  10. Charles, this is so sweet! I’m lighting up like one of those excited little girls. I don’t mean to sound creepy. But in all honesty this was a very lovely story. Hopefully one of those ones you’ll remember for many years to come. Also goes to show that sometimes it’s okay to be a bit daring. :)

    Gorgeous wallpaper, I’m nicking it! <3

  11. Charles! It’s been so long. I hope you’re well.

    What a sweet, little beginning. What surprised me was how you two sat through Van Helsing without cracking, haha. I’ve tried my hardest to watch that movie since the premise and visuals are incredible, but it’s just so long and boring. I would have made my move an hour in out of sheer boredom!

  12. Charlie!

    Cougarish!? A 5-year difference hardly qualifies you as a cougar lol *nodding*. Nevertheless, I get you…when I was single, I didn’t fancy the idea of dating younger guys either.

    Aaaah, attraction…physical attraction is a wonderful thing.
    By the aura of this post, I can tell that it was worth it ;).

    Fall in love, Charlie…cause it’s a wonderful thing :D.

    Cheers, mate!

  13. I’ve read this post some time ago, but only had the time to comment on it now. Thanks for sharing with us a little bit of your and Odd’s story. I’m also very glad that there are a lot of more stories that have been written since then. All the best for you and him and may you have so many years of happiness ahead! Hope you’re well!

  14. kinikilig ako!!

    i didn’t know about your age gap and that you are older. i’ve always thought odd is older. the wa you describe how odd thinks, i’ve always thought he’s older. sorry.

  15. Dear Charles & Odd….Thank you for the lovely Christmas Card….I didn’t send anything out this year, so please forgive me. I also wanted you to know that I had to put my dear “Sweetie” to sleep on Monday afternoon….I am Heartbroken. I know you understand, having lost your dear little kitty some months ago. Sweetie was my dear dear companion for twelve and a half years….It just doesn’t seem possible…..
    I hope 2012 will be a wonderful year for you both….!

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