4 thoughts on “Booked”

  1. looks very promising.
    I don’t have any plans yet for this summer.
    Looking out for a nature holiday, we’d like to take the dog along with us.

  2. SO jealous! I’ll have to live vicariously through you until I can work out spending some time in Spain. The hotel looks lovely and I’m sure the privacy will be very relaxing and much appreciated!

    No big plans this summer because we have too many weddings in town on the weekends. It might work to our advantage but the boyfriend and I aren’t free to vacation until it’s off-season in September/October.

    1. It’s quite relaxing when there no children running around. We already stayed in two hotels of the same chain both in Crete and Turkey and we loved it!

      Those months are actually quite perfect to travel especially here in Europe because of minimal tourists. We also wanted to travel around fall, but it’s almost impossible since it’s also the time when things get busy at work. Odd has no problems since he runs his own business, but I can’t.

      That’s why we normally travel around June or early July since it’s around the synchronised vacay here in Norway :)

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