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  1. We have lots of great muffin shops here, too. And the puritanical old USA is not afraid of sly double-entendres for their baked goods, though they’re not quite as forthright as Norway. I can’t say it’s my favorite shop, but it’s the one I stop by most often: Red Velvet….there. that could get you thinking of…well…Mrs. Santa Claus??? haha. The best cupcakes are at Delectable Cakery right here in modest little Mt. Rainier (Maryland….we don’t have nearly the $$ or the cachet of the same place in the state of Washington). Others go crazy for Georgetown Cupcakes, but I have never laid eyes on the place, and all I know of it was that old ladies (well, probably younger than me) used to ask me where it was. Sorry, girls….I can tell you where all the good watering holes are, but cupcakes? mercy.

    Good luck with your job search. You’re so creative….think of something really FUN to peddle. Customized stationery? Wedding invitations? Business cards? I think of you as a brave little airplane battling your way through the volcanic ash……

    1. I saw this program on Lifestyle channel where they showcase those cupcakes and muffins in the USA. They looked sooooo good.

      You’re lucky that your area has tons of shops dedicated in serving those with the sweet tooth.

      In regards with getting a job, I really really hope that I get a job before summer comes.

      I am actually thinking of the same thing, but I need to register myself as a one-man firm because one cannot just sell stuff or services here without paying taxes. The government has a very strict rule in regards with that.

  2. love their logo, even the simple handmade vulcan sign. the toppings look unlike anything i’ve seen in manila. ever considered illustrating a children’s book, charles?

    1. It’s also my first to see toppings like those even here. They’re very generous with it and it’s great for the customers.

      You’re right, I could try illustrating a children’s book. Sounds awesome! Thanks for suggesting it! Hehehehhe

  3. Oh My Lordy…those Muffins look scrumptious….! That Oreo Muffin would be for me, too…though if that is Chocolate on top of the Vulcan I might have to have one of those as well….lol!
    I like the name of this shop because it has a double meaning….It is a clever name and the ‘overtones’ are nicely provocative…!
    I wonder if those Muffins travel well across the ocean….YUMMMMM!

    1. Hello Naomi! I think they have another variety of that Vulkan Cupcakes with chocolate topping. I saw it once on a picture on their Facebook profile.

      I’ll try to check if it’s possible to ship those cupcakes/muffins and if yes, then I’ll send you some!

  4. Wow those cupcakes look absolutely delicious! Oreos are my favorite too. I have a recipe for oreo cupcakes that are next on my agenda for baking myself! I am so excited to make them!

    I also love the name of that place! I must admit I thought dirty thoughts too, though!

  5. OH. OH wow… That made me incredibly hungry, and I have a wedding dress to squeeze into in a week!

    I guess I’ll have to wait for the honeymoon… I hope I can find something that looks that tasty to enjoy! :)

    The image at the top made me laugh!

    I sent myself by to say hi, and to wish you an awesome weekend, Charles! Great to see you playing the MEET n’ GREET! :)

  6. Hey Charles….Netchick..or Tanya, sent me! This is the first time I have been on her M&G site in such a long long time….Happy it’s you I am visiting my dear.
    I STILL want one of those Oreo Muffins….MMmmm MMMmmmm MMMMmmmmmm! Fed Ex Me Some….lol!

  7. Wow… drooling…
    still drooling
    Oh… noooooooooooooo
    it’s too far away.
    Love the muffins and their name!
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Oh my goodness, Charles!
    Those look divine, the OREO CUPCAKE especially. Not only that, they’re also huge. I don’t think I can finish one, but it’s definitely something I would want to eat. It looks too yummy to not want to try it :)

  9. My buttons just popped looking at those. Didn’t your comment tag used to say “butter my muffin?” Or was that someone else?

  10. I love cakes, pies, muffins, cupcakes and everything sinful. I gained weight just by looking at these delightful goodies.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. See you again tomorrow!

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