From Cow To Wow!

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  1. Ugh, you just reminded me of my vow to lose some weight. I don’t like where I am right now weight-wise. And yes, it just crept up on me. My excuse was graduate school and the dissertation: I always felt like I had so many things to do, that I found myself always sitting down, plonking at the laptop, writing. Little by little, I put on some weight due to lack of exercise. Now that I am done with the dissertation, I have no more excuse not to exercise. And I am not seeking a new excuse once I move to Berlin either…

  2. Hi! thank you so much for your nice comment.
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  3. Well….I have been reading you for more than four years my dear Charles, and I don’t remember you EVER looking like a Cow…! You always looked thin and svelte to me….
    Having dieted for most of my life—with some exceptions—-I know what it takes to lose weight and keeep it off. Now that I am an old fart, (lol) I kind of don’t give a damn any more. But I think it is great that you stay so fit, my dear Charles.
    Congrats on getting the Keys to the New place….Can’t wait to see what you and Odd do with the place…!

  4. Charles, we want you just the way you are.
    It doesn’t matter if you are fat or slim, poor or rich.
    Who is there to judge you, my dear.
    How you see yourself is more important how the society sees you.
    Don’t you agree with me?

    This is one of my all-time favourites.
    Let me share it with you.

  5. I never would have called you a cow, Charles, but you are now definitely a WOW! Just keep up whatever it is you’re doing. And congratulations on your new home!!!

  6. Interesting… You went from cute to hot…

    As for my weight, I struggle to keep it stable. Nine times out of ten, I’m underweight pound-wise and overweight BMI-wise, and every doctor I go to is different — so I’m often lectured on my knowledge on eating junk food and drinking sodas and whatnot and not once do they ever ask for my weight history problems. Blah.

    Congratulations on four years. :)

  7. Living healthy to some is challenge especially these days when the fast food culture is predominant. Good for you Charles for challenging yourself to be the better you. Everyone can see it! Love the new home too :)

  8. Good for you for being able to change! It is a big challenge for many to change their habits. Congrats on the new place. The view from that window looks nice, cant wait to see more picture! :) Hope everything is going well, I’ve been getting behind on commenting lately.

  9. I know that boy was only probably a toddler, but geez, what a jerk! I had absolutely no idea that you were once on the thicker side, because now, you look very fit and wonderful! You’re my motivation now haha. Keep it up, you’re looking great :)

  10. That is indeed a very big weight change! It looks like you’ve gotten big of a large beer gut! I find that it’s hard to break old habits and start losing weight. But once the habits are broken in a healthy way, your body will hate junk food and never go back. At least that’s what happened with me.

    Good luck, and have fun moving in! You probably have realized this already, but moving and decorating will be tough, but very rewarding.

  11. Cow to wow indeed! Look at you :) you look fantastic. Great work.
    I always love seeing that sort of achievement … Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :)
    I still love the look of the new apartment xo xo

  12. We have the obligation to keep ourselves healthy. Vanity reasons is merely the icing on the cake, but ultimately, it is for the preservation of ourselves, to sidestep avoidable illnesses in the future. Our bodies are temples, after all. Congratulations, Charles! You look great!

  13. Not that you were hideous before, but you look so good now! Training and diet?? Mind sparing some tips? I’ve got a few pounds to lose! I’m so sorry you had that awkward pregnancy-mistaking experience. But yeah, that’s the ideal source of motivation. Anyway, congrats again on keeping it off for so long! You look great!

  14. Wow! You are in good shape now, love. Did you get a personal trainer in order to get back to being hot or did you trained yourself? More power to you if you did it all by yourself! And congratulations on getting a new place!

  15. Charles, as OOLTH said above, I never saw you in your “cow” state. You’ve always looked slim and trim to me. But you certainly turned a corner on your weight and have stayed there! Congratulations.

    Your apartment is wonderful. Beautiful!

    Here’s to a fabulous 2013!! M.E.

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