34 thoughts on “Gagalicious”

  1. Veldig flott vennen min. Jeg har lyst til å dra på Lady Gaga sin konsert sammen med deg. Elsker deg.

  2. I don’t blame you – after watching the vid how could anyone not be inspired ;-)

    Hope to see you in October in Oslo then – and before that at the Oslo Blog Gathering in August!

  3. Hi Charles….I’m afraid I’m still having the same problem. ALL the text still appears to be underneath those fixed words like “HOME”….PLEASE, give me that other link that you gave me once before and I will change the address in my sidebar. That link made your blog looked the way it should, for me.

    Lady GaGa is really something! And they say the GREATEST form of flattery is ‘parody’. And I think that is probably true, though today, there is a much more mean-spirited attitudes in some parody….Not that I think this is mean-spirited…Well, maybe just a little. (lol)

    But isn’t it wonderful to have someone who gives you such great creative inspiration?

    1. I’m so sorry that the problem still persists on your computer. At least my feed’s page is the redeeming factor.

      Lady Gaga is really something indeed. She’s just bold and very fresh in terms of creativity and originality.

  4. I must admit that I’ve been watching Lady Gaga videoclips as well. At least she brings stuff that is not everyday.
    Her videos are just perfect and her sound is refeshing.

  5. Thanks to present Lady Gaga!!! I understand she inspire you! This is a bombe! And you did a great job drawing L. Gaga! My daughter Mélissa adore Lady Gaga!

  6. The world is just Gaga for the lady right now. I hear a lot of talk about her, especially in my younger friends. You are also quite an artist. Your new page is added to my Google reader, so I won’t miss a thing!!

  7. Even me a 63 year old lady…I think Lady Gaga is the best, her artistic and creative style is in my opinion as good as it gets…

    Dorothy from grammology

  8. Yeah, Lady Gaga is such a talented artist. She could touch so many hearts.

    Your illustration is great. It’s so difficult to draw in the computer. You’ve done a great job.

  9. loL. It’s hilarious. I love it. You’re right about Lady Gaga. She’s inspired! I think one radio person guy said that she only need to sneeze and it will be no. 1!

  10. superb! Lady gaga is a an awe-inspiring babe. I truly love her music. I took my family to see her last month in concert and had a extraordinary time.

  11. Lady Gagita is the Third World sensation. Do you notice their low budget outfits? I like how the editing of their music videos and the hairpiece made out of plastic garbage bag. Hilarious! The two “Diva’s” are now on TV.

  12. Hey Charles! How are you? I’m sorry, but I am the extreme opposite when it comes to Lady Gaga. I simply cannot stand her. However, her audacity deserves an applause.

    Norwich Daily Photo is back online. Sorry I’ve been away so long. I look forward to your visit and your comments. See you soon!

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