Happy 17th of May

40 thoughts on “Happy 17th of May”

  1. Hi Charles, I am eagerly waiting for your post. Just like you I was so busy lately that’s why I forgot to blog. Anyway, to grant your request I posted another jokes. I just hope you will enjoy them.

    Thanks for visiting my site: http://moneyoverweather.blogspot.com. I wish you success in everything you do.

  2. I swear….trying to comment on your blog is NOW a problem…It says I need to upgrade to Int. Explorer 8 in order to comment!!!!

    What the…..Help!

    I just wanted to wish you good luck on your exams and a belated Happy National Day…..Hope the Parade was wonderful…!

    1. Hello Joy! I shifted from Film and TV production to Multimedia design. The course is geared towards print and web design primarily. We’re also involve in creating concepts, advertisements and such.

      My experience from the film class strengthened my competence in this field that I was already working in before.

      I still don’t know when we can travel especially that both of us are practically busy with work and some other stuff. Especially that we just moved to a new apartment and we felt that we need to stabilised things first before traveling on vacay or something.

  3. Happy 17 th of May! I stay tuned! I don’t want to miss the pictures you took at the parade!!!
    You luck with your exams!

  4. Thank you so much for the comment! I do like those t-shirts as well :D

    Hey! i’ve seen that you’re from norgue!!! Wow! i’ve been there last december!! In Oslo!!! i really really liked!!! (The weather was horrible, but the city is so beautiful), I would like to go to the north but i couldn’t because the time.

  5. Tanya sent me – Hi!!
    Hard to see your blog as it says I need to upgrade but I am on a network and I cannot do that!

  6. greeting, chase!!! ^^

    sorry if i have been a bad blogging buddy lately.

    so nice to catch up on your life there.

    missed you!

    how are you and odd?

  7. By now you know if you did well, thus hope so and I love lady gaga…she is the best….

    Dorothy from grammology

    Oh and I’m 63 years old and still appreciate her talents….

  8. hi charles
    I am too late for the nationa lday (oupss) but I cross my fingers for your exams !! cheers !!

  9. Vel, det er May tjuesyvende! Håper det var lykkelig og fantastisk! bloggen din blir bare søtere! m.e.

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