Hello. I Live Here!

27 thoughts on “Hello. I Live Here!”

  1. Yeah, am I your first guest to see your new place!
    I love your new place.
    But the bed is a bit too small, I think.
    A lot of things can happen there. ;o)
    Should get a super king size.

  2. It’s exciting to finally have a place one can call home, eh? I have experienced the feeling myself recently, as I finally found a flat I like, something I can call home for the moment, and it’s all for myself.

    I’ve been tired living with roommates back when I was a student, so it’s about time I live alone. I found an apartment in a quiet residential area of Berlin, yet still close to lots of stuff. I’m looking forward to personalizing it.

  3. I love the modern look, and I’m glad to see that moving in and decorating hasn’t burned you out too much! I can’t wait to see your trompe l’oeil!

  4. Charles! oh my its breathtaking!! :-) Where did the rest of your stuff go??? I just moved into a new apartment too so I can relate. But yours is superrrrrrrrr gorgeous! In this PI, that would be a 1 bedroom condo at 600$ a month which is already expensive in this country! xoxo

  5. Glad to see the unveiling of your new abode. I like the white cabinetry of your kitchen, and your bedroom looks like something out of an indie design magazine. Glorious! I believe I have mentioned it either on Facebook or Instagram, but I am still digging those tea cushions in your living area.

    Great work doing up the place! You guys must be so proud.

    Have a great weekend, Charles!

  6. I really love the simplicity of your place; it looks really cosy. I think it is going to look smashing once you add extra finishing touch like the trompe l’oeil. Loving your new love nest, hun <3

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