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  1. I can find inspiration in less than perfect weather — in perfect weather, I’m too busy enjoying it to really listen to its message.

    What is spotify?

    1. Spotify is a Swedish DRM-based music streaming service offering streaming of selected music from a range of major and independent record labels. Now, the services are recently offered in the US.

  2. Many different things can inspire me—and it mightbe something I read, or see, or nature….
    SPOTIFY….I’ve not heard if it before. Another FREE something to destroy the Music Business….HELP! I have a hard time with these kinds of things because people are NOT getting paid their Royalties. And, that is wrong. So, thanks, but no thanks, my dear Charles.

    1. Hi Naomi! Oh no, you’re quite mistaken. Spotify is one of the future in the music industry. They actually work with big record labels like Sony, EMI and etc.

      I have a monthly subscription with Spotify Premium thus entitles me to give out 8 invitations to Spotify Free. The free version is supported by advertisements similar to radio broadcasts that’s why it’s free. If people want to have more functions like streaming music offline or in your iPhone or Android mobile phones you have to pay a monthly fee.

      I bet you haven’t check it out that’s why you thought it something out there that will ruin the music industry.

  3. I LOVE hiking, Charles, but I never have any music blaring in my ears. I guess I’m a naturalist at heart. :) I take a walk usually 4 days a week around our citadel city center and am invigorated every time. It’s not only the walking but the seeing. I see something new every time.

    The Spotify sounds interesting. Hmmm. I wouldn’t mind an invitation. Thanks.

  4. Sports is the ultimate thing to get new ideas, when I run I even have conversations with myself.
    I did ‘spinning’ for a year, bike exercises in the gym with music.
    So music is important, I would not mind getting an invitation to Spotify…
    I think you did well on the mountain… I know the feeling about being refreshed after a good hiking!
    Please say HI to Odd and Happy from the both of us.

  5. I think you’re inspiring us! If I don’t go for a bike ride tomorrow, I’m definitely going to go for a walk/hike, no matter what the weather :)

  6. What a precious illustration!

    I wish I could go out in the rain. I refuse to leave the house when I rains. I hate it! Although, frequent rain does create a very beautiful landscape, like it Twilight. I’ve never seen any of the movies despite reading all the books, but from the clips I’ve seen, the scenery is gorgeous.

    I honestly have no idea where I get inspiration. I most definitely don’t get it while I’m out walking or biking. For some reason, my mind is completely blank while I exercise. It’s like I’m not even there. I always tell myself I’m going to mentally compose blogs or essays, but I forget by the time I close my garage and am off on my merry way. It’s odd.

    1. Thank you Gabi!

      I used to be like that. I don’t go out if it’s raining, but I got over that. Now, I relish the company of rain as long as I’m clothed for it :)

  7. I know I should start some sort of exercise. ugh. Well, reading this makes me feel guilty. BTW, I was trying to call you but your phone is off. Did you change number again?

  8. You know what inspires me now! But I really do love a good walk out in nature. James told me about a mountain he went hiking up, that was pretty intense and steep but well worth the sweat. :P Today we actually walked up 20 floors of stairs because we wanted some exercise. I guess that’s like the man-made version of climbing mountains. :P It didn’t inspire me per se, but it definitely cleared my mind. ^_^

  9. LOL, thanks… Yeah they are pretty retro XD

    Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve never really hiked before… Well, our weather is just too damn hot XD I live 10 minutes away from a mall and I still have to take a cab or use the metro because it’s unbearable to walk all that distance with the extreme heat and humidity here in Dubai!

    I remember whenever we travel to cool places like London or wherever, I just want to walk everywhere… I rarely use buses or taxis… It’s such a beautiful weather you guys have there in Norway?

    When I’m looking for inspiration, I either turn on my TV or pick up an awesome magazine, or even travel… Yes, I sometimes have to travel to get inspired XD

    1. I understand because I felt like it when walking around Rome with the sun shining brightly and the temperature was around 32 degrees Celsius! It was really hellish!

      You should definitely visit Norway and if you’re ever in Bergen just contact me and you’re welcome to stay with us!

  10. Ah, I love gloomy days. Sometimes, depending where the clouds form (I guess? lol), it creates a creepy atmosphere where it’s very similar to what you’ve just descfibed. Unfortunately, with the basic camera that I have, I can never truly capture it through lens. It’s just something you have to see for your own eyes.

    Haha “There’s no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing,” THAT is definitely a damn good quote to live by.

  11. I am inspired by a crow called Claude who sits in my birdbath and I just watch him move around and I have a chat to him … he gets me thinking. I love crows wingspans and Claude is huge so when he flies you can hear his wings flapping. And sure enough when I have been thinking around him, I find a sense of calm as strange as that sounds …

  12. Hi Charles,

    God Bless Google: that’s how I found you again. But it won’t happen again, because now I have subscribed to your blog :D.

    What do I usually do to get inspired? I listen to music – is there a better form to get in contact with my inner muse? ;)


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