I’m Back!

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  1. Oh, welcome back! I haven’t been blogging for a very, very long time and your post is a gentle reminder that I ought to renew my domain.


  2. That’s a cool video, you all are having so much fun. Shame that I could’t hear the music, my sound card on this computer has disintegrated. BTW I’ll be part of a flash mob on Saturday, dancing on Main St to help celebrate Canada Day Weekend. I hope I can post a video of it later…. keep watching! Canada Day is today, July 1, in case you didn’t know!

  3. Hi Charles, glad to read u. I heard about ur trip with Odd via facebook.

    2 days without ur Macbook? I’m proud of u. :)

    I like ur pics, when i see ur family in law it’s unreal. Seriously, it’s impossible here. Even in one century.

    I’ve closed my blog for securities issue. I’ll mail u the whole story.

    Have a great week end. Hi to Odd.

  4. That last photo is very colourful!
    Good to have you back.
    How can you go somewhere and forget to take your DSLR?
    I would die.

  5. Thank you Charles…How very sweet of you to give me a “shout out”…..I’m glad you got some time away—it’s always good to get a break, isn’t it? There’s that old saying: “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy…”
    Well, I don’t know about ‘dull’ (lol)….It’s not a word I would ever use in describing you—But I do think the idea of this is a good one. A change of scenery..(And a very pretty one, too…) gives one a different perspective sometimes, don’t you think?
    I look forward to reading your book, my dear.

    1. Yes, it’s really good to have some break away from the computer and all. It allowed me to think and plan some things ahead.

      I hope that I am done with my book within this year and of course you’re one of the first people that’s going to read it first.

  6. Yay, a post! Welcome back! I missed your blogs. It looks like you had such a nice vacation though! What lovely pictures! :D

  7. Hello Charles! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I kinda miss that Pretty Fly song LOL. I remember performing with that song way back when i was in elementary :P

    I’ll scan around your blog first. Nice meeting you – virtually :P

  8. Hi Charles! You know I am eagerly looking forward to my makeover!! Thanks for all the work and thought you are putting into it, I really appreciate it. Looks like you guys had a good trip to Oslo, Fredrikstad and back to Bergen. You had wonderful weather and your photos are great!!!

  9. OLA! I am back too, kinda.
    Your photos are awesome. Really, a camera helps with the resolution, etc but if you have the skill and the gift to see through a lens, even if it were a camera phone your photos will still look great, just like yours Charles! I’ve said a mouthful there, but I think you get what I mean.

    I have been dying to get a new layout, design for my blog but I obviously do not have the time to work on it. I doubt if I ever will. Goodluck with the redesign you’re doing for your friend’s site, I definitely look forward to seeing the new look.

  10. Now that is some graffiti! I just tasted cotton candy last night for the first time since I was a little girl. Weird stuff.

  11. Looks like a really fun time! How far did you have to travel. Odd’s brother looks a lot like him, but Odd is still more good looking :)

    Everything’s great in our neck of the woods. Enjoying the great weather. We have barbecues every weekend. When are you paying us a visit?

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again. Here’s to a great week ahead!

    1. The theme park wasn’t that far from my in-law’s place. It took us around an hour by car.

      Hmmm I don’t know yet since we have tons of stuff to do this year. Hopefully by next year Odd and I can begin planning to have our vacay outside Norway.

  12. Odd’s brother looks so much like him.

    Have you updated your iPhone software? I am now running OS4 for my iPhone3Gs. You can now zoom 5x when taking a closer shots.

    Nice weather you got there!

    1. People usually think that they’re twins but Ulf is a darker and beefier version of Odd.

      Yes, I updated it immediately and I noticed the small differences in terms of speed and those nifty new stuff as well.

  13. I’m still impressed at how great iPhone photos look. I am a BlackBerry type of girl, but seeing the quality of iPhone photos puts the iPhone over my own smartphone! I also know what you mean about being able to accomplish a “laptop break”. Like you, I still check Facebook, Twitter, and email on my BlackBerry. But mostly Twitter and email. I guess technology has a stronger grip on the individual more than ever! =)

    Either way, they’re very lovely captures of Norway. I’ve always had this impression that Norway is a beautiful country and your post is another testimony to that impression.

    I’m glad that you had a fulfilling vacation and that you had some time to work on your book, even getting more done than just a paragraph. Speaking of your book, sorry for not being able to answer your previous email, but I’m going to get to that now. Things have been pretty hectic on my end, too!

    Have a great week, Charles!

    1. I am quite tempted to buy a Blackberry since I find them cute like when I was also obsessing getting this Sidekick phone but to no avail.

      Now, I am pretty much content with the iPhone and I really love it! LOL!

  14. Oh, and that video? I just got around to seeing it due to a slow internet connection. Epic, I love the vibrance of the people in the video and the colours in it! =)

  15. I didn’t post so much like you! but now I’m on holiday and Mélissa get her BAC!!! So! We’ll be more relax at home now! Can’t wait Renny’s redisign you made for him!!!
    The video is super and I can imagine the good atmosphere you have at school! Mélissa will enter at the University of Provence to make an Art Plastic Licence! I imagine she will live a little the same atmosphere and I enjoy for her!

  16. Hi Charles my dear….I tried to email you but seem to have the WRONG Email address…Could you email me with your correct one, please, my dear. I wanted to thank you and Odd for this adorable dear sweet little stuffed animal, which arrived late today…Hooray! I love that I now have a special little “guy” from Norway….I thank you from the bottom of my heart, my dear. Such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do….! He will sit on one of my shelves right here in my bedroom, where I can see him ALL the time and be reminded of your Birthday Wishes and your very wonderful thoughtfulness! Merci, Merci, Merci!!!!

  17. Just stopping in to say that RennyBA’s Terella looks really amazing. You outdid yourself. It’s really him. We love it. Thanks!!!!

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