Cold Water, Sweet And Cow Nostalgia

15 thoughts on “Cold Water, Sweet And Cow Nostalgia”

  1. I absolutely love your photos! Here in Montreal we haven’t had much rain this summer but thankfully we are supposed to get some today! We really do need it, it has been pretty hot and humid. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely photos.

  2. 200 days of Rain in Bergen, that is just too bad.
    I visited Bergen in French speaking Belgium last Saturday, it was nice & sunny.
    Love that piece of furniture you got. As you say, it is as if it was made for where it stands.

  3. The thing I love is that I can attest to the beauty of Bergen, rain or shine, Charles!!! I haven’t seen your NEW home yet, of course, but I love what you’re doing with it…especially finding the perfect apothecary chest for that niche. Good for you! And congrats again on your fitness program. IT WORKS!

  4. I love the apothecary drawer!! I’m currently trying to furnish my new apartment, so this has reminded me that I should check out some markets and thrift stores in addition to Ikea lol. // You deserve Coworker of the Year Award! Anyone that comes in with baked goods for the office is the bestttt. // Yay! Kudos to being body positive! Also, that’s a pretty good passport photo. My mugshots make me feel like I just got arrested. // I can’t dance, but I love dance videos! // BUBBLES -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    1. True and also you guys have Craiglist. I heard it’s a treasure trove for used furnitures and stuff :) Tips to get a fabulous passport photo is to slightly clench your cheeks and nose then smize!

  5. 200 days of rain a year? I had absolutely no idea Bergen experienced such heavy yearound rainfall – it sounds very much like England in that respect! I love the lighting in these images, very moody and atmospheric.

  6. It feels like it rains here a lot (especially as it’s raining here at the moment), but we have had some quite nice & sunny days lately.

    Lovely photos, as always :)

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