How To Maximise A Small Kitchen

4 thoughts on “How To Maximise A Small Kitchen”

  1. You are so talented Charles…..And the way you used the space in the Kitchen, is Brilliant! And so colorful, too….! I bet in looking for a new place, the kitchen will be a major priority, as it should be since you so love to cook…..! Good Luck with that, my dear….

  2. OMG this is so great!

    I’m jealous of your Le Creuset enameled dutch ovens! I have a Lodge one and I love how multipurpose it is. It’s also so freakin’ pretty.

    You have quite the knack for designing. I can’t even imagine having my cooking stuff visible and making it look good, but I really do appreciate the tips — especially the note about negative space! It’s easy to forget.

    Great post. I’m moving in a month and I may just have to keep these pointers in mind!

  3. I wish I had the patience for interior design! I’m a clean person but I’m definitely not organized when it comes to things. I just dump everything anywhere and it becomes a cluttered mess. I love how your kitchen looks beautiful but totally homey and a good place to prepare food.. sometimes I feel like kitchens get overdone and it looks like you can’t even slice tomatoes on it because you might ruin the whole vibe. Haha.

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