Ulriken, Car and Driving

15 thoughts on “Ulriken, Car and Driving”

  1. So, after 10 years you finally got to the top of the mountain. BRAVO, Charles! :) And congrats on your new car. What a beautiful color. WOW. Will you plan to take trips out-n-about now, I wonder? Just don’t run over any Pokémons.

  2. I am so happy for you on the new car! I have never driven in my life, never had a car and never got a driver’s license. And I am 59! Well, I live in Montreal, Canada, so I take the public transport and the bus drivers are excellent. Your photos are absolutely breathtaking, what a gorgeous place! This week…yesterday, in fact, I took a long walk in nature, away from the traffic, in a quiet area where you can hear the birds and just enjoy the flowers, views and peace. It was lovely! I hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

    1. Thank you Linda! We live in the city centre, so we walk around a lot. I prefer walking rather than taking a public transportation because I have motion sickness. Surprisingly enough I don’t get one when I drive. A driver’s licence is indeed a must since sometimes I have business meetings outside the city centre alone and taking a public transportation is out of the question due to time/distance.

  3. What a beautiful hike! Loving that fourth picture where you see the urban landscape against nature. Congrats on the new car! And ooh fancy shmancy customisation :D I need to get my license… Ever summer my parents never fail to remind me hah. LOL @PokemonGo. Good luck with your Poke adventures! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    1. It was a beautiful hike indeed and access to nature is readily available anywhere in the city :)

      Thank you! I’m not really a car person, so I left it to my husband :)

  4. At Floydfest music festival Bruce Hornsby uttered Pokemon Go several times as a beat count. These lovely views make me feel like I need to go outside now. One of my family names is Bergen or Bergin … Irish/Viking?

    1. It’s Norwegian. Bergen is derived from the Old Norse Bjǫrgvin or Bjørgvin, meaning “meadow between the mountains”. It does make sense since the the city of Bergen is surrounded by 7 mountains :)

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