Lovely Fall In The Norwegian Rain

34 thoughts on “Lovely Fall In The Norwegian Rain”

  1. I am loving the color scheme of your kitchen, from the curtains to the tables to the spice rack. It’s so homely, it would be so enticing to flip a pancake in it and make breakfast!

    1. Thank you! The kitchen island is actually a temporary solution since I’m planning to build a mixture of metal and wood. Also I’m still waiting for the right tiles for the kitchen wall. But I really want it to be homey and I think I managed to make it :)

  2. I love this brand.
    It’s minimalistic and simple.
    Somehow, it also reminded me of Muji.

    I love your deco.
    It’s so neutral – can’t wait to see you cooking next time. ;)

  3. I hope that those jackets become more popular outside of Norway too! I cannot tell that they are raincoats because I am used to raincoats being bright and obnoxious.

    That setup with the piano is beautiful and serene. It took me a couple seconds to realize that it was a fashion display.

    1. The brand is already known in the high fashion circles as the designers were being featured in Vogue.

      I really like what they did with the exhibition. It was simply magical!

  4. Are those designs inspired from the Friars? Interesting. Love the bag.. and I love your pad Charles. It looks really cozy and so welcoming. You gonna love cooking with that open kitchen you had there.

  5. If it rained more where I am I would totally invest in that, however we get more snow than anything else so its no practical. I really do love the design though.
    My favourite is the handbag in the pictures. Lovely kitchen by the way, it looks homey. :)

  6. Hi Charlie,

    Yes, most definitely, the clothes are to die for. Do you know if this label exports their clothes?

    Your kitchen looks adorable – congratulations.


  7. Yes, rain and fashion don’t usually mix.. and it’s labels like this that stands out! :P nice concept they have.

    I love your kitchen! It does look homey… and natural.. :)

  8. Man, I would LOVE to own a stylish rain coat (we need to look good in the rain too!). Those jackets in the pictures are to die for.

    Your kitchen looks lovely! I would love to see what your living room looks like :D

  9. Norwegian Rain is such a pretty name for a clothing label. The clothes look great, and the interior design of their boutique (or is it the interior of the design week venue?) is amazing… and this is coming from someone who is only starting to warm up to the idea of re-purposing old churches. The mason jars of water are just darling.

    Glad to see your home developing well, and that your’e keeping busy in a good way! Love!

  10. Gorgeous! Your kitchen looks lovely as well, very homely :)

    I know you haven’t been around but I’m just popping by to see how you are!

  11. Glorious post, Charles. and yes, your kitchen is indeed homey! you have a knack for creating spaces to live & create in! God Yul!!

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