Lovely Fall In The Norwegian Rain

posted on 7th October 2012 under Blog, Design, Fashion, Interior, Personal, Style

Last month was quite a roller coaster ride for me. It was busy at work and also at home since we’re still in the settling phase in our new home. I got a lot of things to share, but never got the time to write it down.

Anyway, I’m going to start with this one: Norwegian Rain.

During the 31st of August until 10th of September, the city of Bergen had this annual design week called Raff. It was a fabulous event, but what really gave me this felt-a-jones-in-my-bones-when-you’re-touching-me sensation was the exhibit of Norwegian Rain inside a church.


Norwegian Rain is a small designer label from the rainiest city of Europe and that’s Bergen, Norway. As we all know rain and fashion doesn’t really go hand in hand. It’s a tragedy that rainwear usually comes in ugly variety. The duo behind the label, T-Michael and Alexander Helle were brilliant to come up with a hardcore functional outerwear without compromising the aesthetic value.


The clothes are just to die for. It’s beautiful and the design is modern yet classic. The garments are 100% waterproof and the fabric is just fabulous to hold. Light and breathable. I’m so going to get one as my personal Christmas present!



Check to know more about the label. That’s all for now!


Took another photo of our kitchen with better lighting.

+ Looks homey no?