Making The Mundane Brilliant

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  1. nice pics. nice title to. reminds me of “the lady in the water” movie, they use the word mundane a lot in it.

    I like the color of your bathroom walls.

  2. I think they look absolutely fantastic! Kudos to Kathleen for helping you out with the awesome slogan. I think Odd looks great. :)

    I have to say, my favourite photo would probably be the last one. The slogan fits with that best, I think.

  3. HA! I love it, Charles. I LOVE that Odd went along with you and then had such a great reaction to what you have done. I think that means the next time he’ll be chomping at the bit for you. :D

  4. Wow, those are some amazing shots! Are you a photographer too by any chance? Or do you just do photography as a hobby/school project? I love photography but I only do them as a hobby. And I love the vignette effect around the pictures.

  5. Impressive as always. You’re also a very gifted writer which I love … I always smile after reading your blogs. You are so in love with Odd, it just comes through so vividly in your writing. I love that, so refreshing coming from a man. I mean that sincerely.

  6. Amazing…’re writing a book but you have time to come up with a lovely project like this! You and Odd are a great couple!!

  7. The pictures came out great! I saw these on Flickr, too^^ I already added you as a contact <3
    it's so cool that you're both an amazing writer and photographer. :) Not everyone's showered with talents like that. Haha.
    Also, you and your friend came up with an interesting slogan ;)

  8. catchy! making the mundane brilliant – it could be more of an editorial. =)

    anyway, charles thanks for your support. i hope you could enlighten all of us how it feels to lack flaws so make your RAW blog entry very soon. i’m very eager to see and know more about you too. maybe ask odd to take your photo for a change :) hahaha!

    – and your comment really made my day! about the illustrations, if you have time to spare maybe a graphic art – a banner of some sort so that bloggers supporting the advocacy could have some ‘bling’ to show off that they do support the said advocacy would be great. =)

    1. Thanks TDB!

      I have photos of me in my blog if you do some backtracking. :) But I will make a post soon coupled with a badge/illustration of RAW. I just need to finish some projects first because I’m drowning in it.

  9. Probably one of my favourite sentences in this entry: “Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain. I found it conducive to my creativity, like a lubricant for my brain.” I never thought of looking at rain that way, but now that you portray it as such, it makes so much sense. It’s been raining here in Jakarta, so it might be something that comes to mind if I am sitting at work, struggling for a design solution while watching the rain from my office window.

    I love the colours in the third photo, and it’s awesome that was Odd was happy about being your model. I also like the impetus of your photoshoot. Very spirited and positive! We need more of that optimism in this world.

  10. Love those photos of Odd, but I’m not so keen on the toilet pose…. but I do like the colour of the walls, as someone else has already commented.

  11. Hi Charles!
    Too bad I can’t see the images :/
    But I really like your title. The title of this post made me smile. And if Odd is proud of your work this week, I am also proud of your work!

    I saw the photos. I like the second and third images most. It gives this mysterious yet happy feeling. Can you DM me your FB e-mail address in Twitter? Or e-mail me? I’m ‘un-searchable’ in Facebook. Hahaha.

  13. I’m devistated, Charles….YOU Leaving The Blog World?? Hard to fathom, and yet, I understand…You will be missed. You already were missed…And now….well, it is with a heavy heart that I say Goodbye, Charles.
    Stop by my blog sometime my dear. Hugs To You & Odd.

  14. Good to hear from you, my dear. NO! I am not on Facebook and now I understand why you rarely Bloig anymore….That’s how it starts…lol!
    I was on Facebook–by default–a few years ago. I didn’t get it and I truly have no interest in it, at this point. Blogging is really all I want to do, as long as I still can. I never understood all the stuff about walls, and stuff, etc. It all seemed very juvnile to me and didn’t have anything that really interested me.
    But the thing that disturbed me the most about FB was FACEBOOK sending out an email to everyone in my Address Book…(HOW CAN THEY DO THAT????) Telling them I WANTED THEM TO BE MY FRIEND! It seemed very High Handed and Invasive to me!
    The ‘default’ was a blog friend wanting me to see his daughters Facebook page and ME having to sign up to do that…Eveything that happened after that was disturbing to me, like them being able to access my Addres Book….So….there you have it.

    I still don’t get the whole thing…Sorry my dear.

  15. Thanks for coming by, my dear….If you ever get to Washington,D.C….You must go to the Museum! It is really GREAT! Hope all is good with you and Odd, Charles….I cannot believe Chirstmas is practically here. So Not Ready!

  16. Darlings,
    I want to wish you both a wonderful 2011! Msy this year bring you more than you could possibly imagine and keep you loving one another even more deeply than you do now….May your dreams come true and may all your troubles just disappear “as the night, the day”–As Shakespeare said…..!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, DEAR ODD AND CHARLES from the Hills Of Hollywood!!!!!

  17. As you know that
    To day’s the last day
    Of the year 2010
    I want to thank the
    Special people, who
    Touched my life
    With their
    Concern & made
    My life more
    You are one of them,
    Thanks for your
    Contribution to my life
    May almighty
    Continue to give you
    Blessing &
    Happiness in the
    Coming years
    Too All Of You

  18. HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR CHARLES & ODD….I hope your New Year is starting off well, my dears. Here it is, already January 11th….ime just fly’s by, doesn’t it? Sending you all my love, my dears, xxxxoooo!

  19. Charles, my dear….Thanks for your comment and for shaeing what you did….I am so glad you “failed” at 14–because I would not have met you….And that would have been my loss, you know? I so look forward to the time when I will meet you and Odd….October feels so far away, but…time is moving faster and faster, so maybe it will be here before you know it! Hope ALL is good with you both, my dears….xxxx, N.

  20. Dear Charles….Forgive me for not yet reading what you sent me. There has been a tragedy here—My sweet incredible friend Betty Garrett died on February 12th…Nothing has been the same for me, since.
    This is a loss that I cannot even fathom, it is so so so deep.
    Almost 50 years of friendship–she was like a sister to me. So…I am bereft.

    Forgive me, please. Life is too hard for me right now.

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