How I Take Care Of My Imaginary Vagina

4 thoughts on “How I Take Care Of My Imaginary Vagina”

  1. Oh my god. It pains me that many Filipinos (and yes, I understand there are exceptions) still think being gay means to be flamboyant. Sure, there are some who are but there are many who are not. While I love that gay people get same air time in the Filipino media, I can’t help but be concerned that gay people are not taken as seriously in the Philippines. Many people’s exposure to homosexuality there is watching ONLY the very flamboyant types through slapstick comedy.

    There is NOTHING wrong with being in touch with your feminine side (as a man) or your masculine side (as a woman). My boyfriend is very much in touch with his “feminine” side. At least feminine in the very stereotypical sense of the word. He’s empathetic. He’s by no means flamboyant or effeminate but man has he been mistaken for as a gay man so many times. What probably contributes to this is that his best friends (from graphic design school) are 60% gay men. Haha

    “I find it frustrating that society in general view femininity as a sign of weakness when in fact it has strengths devoid in masculinity.”

    WORDDDDDDD and a half.

  2. I love this Charles…..It is very clever but also says a lot about important things. I love what you said about women having certain strengths that men do not possess….I agree with you, my dear.
    Also, reading, once again, a little about your early life and the attitudes of your parents, I am in such awe of you, and have so much admiration for you and all you have achieved as a man and as a human being. Given your really hard beginnings, my dear,you are quite amazing. Norway was the best thing you could have done for yourself, dear Charles…..Did you ever think you would have such a truly wonderful life and such a truly special loving husband back in your early teens?
    This is a wonderful post, my dear!

    By the way—-all that Froggy Shack stuff is gone from my blog and now I have some advertising of something else on the very top—-but, thank God, no where else. Of course, that could have changed by the time you read this.
    I don’t understand how someone can get into my blog stuff and just do whatever they damn please…..OY!!!!

  3. Sometimes, I get annoyed at the stereotypical gay (loud, obnoxious ~parlor gays~ who give other gays a bad name) and have to internally scold myself when I realize what I’m doing/feeling. There’s no right or wrong way to be gay, just like there’s no wrong or right way to be a man or woman!

  4. I’m sure that having an imaginary vagina is a good thing. And wanting to take care of it is certainly a splendid idea. I guess it must somehow make you feel like a more complete person. Somehow I wish I had one.

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