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  1. I LOOOOOVE THE HOMEPAGE. Ultra-professional, great work my friend, keep it up!!!!!!!

    p.s Your cat photos are just, so CU-TE!!!!!!

  2. Wow. What do I think about this new design? I think it looks great. It’s different to the one before yet it’s still modern and got a cozy vibe. Love it! And the smilies are nice as well.

    Well done Sir Charles!

  3. I have to say, you did a really good job on this new redesign. It looks really good! I like the fact that you had use a recent event in your life as a major element of your design. It is obvious that the orange cat on the left is happy! I really love your illustration and your style. It doesn’t look heavily vectorize. It is more like a normal illustration on paper colored by color pencil. The navigation at the bottom gives it a very unique look. A question though, is the navigation static? It looks a bit weird on my iPad when I view your main blog. It looks static when I am commenting now, but on the main blog that list all your blog post… It is not static. I can show you the screenshot if you want. Again, a very wonderful design, otherwise. Thanks for the shout out, Charles!

    1. Thank you Ren! Regarding with the navigation menu, it’s in fixed position and it sucks that the iPad, iPhone or iPod doesn’t support the CSS fixed position.

      I discovered it last night when I viewed my site on my iPhone. I did managed to find some fixes, but they’re not perfect as well. So i’ll just let it be for now…

  4. Wow, mind-blowing! Medyo matagal mag-load yung background (the text loads up and everything, but one can’t read it immediately unless the light-colored background loads: of course I am in Netopia in Iloilo which isn’t the fastest Internet, so keep that in mind). But once everything loads, things are swanky and neat! I like the graphics, parang anime-inspired ang dating! Good job!

  5. I love the web-design, I love the cat, beautiful eyes and the drawing of the cat is wonderful, I think she does have a wonderful attitude, I hope you two can handle her :)
    We both do hope you all three are doing fine.
    Have a great weekend and I hope that Odd is doing well in the new job!!!!

  6. Yes, I like this new design for your home page. The colour you have used for your moggie friend really stands out!

  7. Astrid left a comment for you last night but it’s not there now, she says. Hmmm. I’ll see if mine takes.

    The jury is still out for me, Charles, on if I like this design better than the other one. I do like you and your cat, however. HA! :) And I love that you were able to do this for your exam. How fun is that! Congratulations.

  8. I think that your design is an excellent design. The kitten is adorable! The only thing that I don’t like so much is your footer bar – I’m in general not a huge fan of transparent parts. However, I also can’t think of a way to make it better.

    This is the first time that I’ve seen your site, and I enjoy your writing in your other posts a lot. I don’t think that I can comment very often, but I will definitely enjoy reading!

  9. You, my dear sir, are one talented designer. I must have moved around that super cute cat around your page for at least two minutes and twenty-six seconds. Very nice.

  10. This is awesome! I love how there’s a lot of different and unique effects. I particularly like how when you hover over the cat and (I’m going to assume) you, it moves. xD I’m probably going to play with that some more, by the way…

  11. This is my first time visiting your website, but the design looks awesome :D You’re very talented! It’s very unique!

  12. Awesome design. I like your home page. I wonder how you made it. I hope to learn to design a template of my own. Just dropping by; Cheers!:-)

  13. Wow! I really like the design! :)

    *moves the cat around the page for 5 minutes*

    Oops, sorry, I got a bit distracted. Lmao, that is so amusing!

  14. I adore the new design. :D It’s so cute, I love the little cat too. ;) This was definitely worth the announcement, don’t you worry. :D

    I think I need a redesign myself… hahaha.

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