Me, Myself and I

7 thoughts on “Me, Myself and I”

  1. And when someone meets you in real life, you’re all that and MORE! You rock, Charles. Astrid and I are lucky ones to have met you in person! And we are thrilled about the prospect of seeing you start a family….

  2. I love posts like these :D // Erghh I can relate to #2. I admit that I do worry about hurting other people’s feelings and am not blunt or honest to a fault, but that sort of environment you described is definitely one of the top things that bother me about the small liberal arts college that I’m currently attending. // Ahh #7 is so exciting! // Do you make your own hummus? The possibilities of food processors! <3 // #10 is such a valuable trait :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  3. It’s great to learn more about you, especially as so many of these points were very interesting :) I love your attitude towards criticism; that will no doubt serve you well forever more!

  4. Nice to meet you… again! :D

    I seem to have gone from being lactose-intolerant to having a milk allergy (Argh!).

    I’ve had a thing about hummus too. I love just dipping carrot sticks in it :)

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