Nostalgia Galore

9 thoughts on “Nostalgia Galore”

  1. Really mIRC? It’s like Grindr’s great great great great grandfather right?
    Ha ha… Which chatroom in mIRC?
    Maybe V is still there waiting for you? ;)

    1. Hahahahah! I forgot which channel it was, but the server was Undernet. I’m so over him a long time ago, but we do have like common acquaintances especially on FB.

  2. ‘Good things come when you least expect them’. True words and I am so happy that finally Odd came on your path and calmed you down and from what I can see you are very very happy. The both of you complete each other and I think that is wonderful if you find such a partner/husband. Life is not always easy and it shapes you in the person you are now. I/we wish the both of you a long and happy life together.

  3. You’re brave to share this human experience with which many can identify, Charles. I had my own rebound spell after the loss of what I wanted to be my “last” love forever, so I know exactly what you mean. I didn’t become a slut but I ended up with someone for 5 years who was NOTHING like what I really wanted. I guess that’s what “rebound” means. But, like you, I was able to move on and find the love of my life. I’m quite a bit older than you but age becomes meaningless when we’re talking about affairs of the heart, right?!

  4. Oh wow, mIRC?! I have a whole host of friends I made on there who I’m still in contact with (including a couple of ex’s!).

    I’m still waiting for my lovely ever after… One day, maybe :)

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