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  1. Ah, kendo. That picture reminds me of middle school in Japan, when we had to do it as part of physical education class.

    Oh, congratulations on the new job. A job you like is definitely an awesome thing to have!

  2. Well, you have been busy, my dear…And with such good things! Congrats on the NEW Job…!

    I looked at that tatoo and thought—That looks like Runes…! And I LOVE that it is Odd’s whole name in Runes! Very Very clever and beautiful, too!

    I’m so glad you got another dear Cat….My darling “Sweetie” was 12 1/2 years old—And with me, for ALL those years….I’m not going to get another cat now. I miss him, as you can well imagine. But, I’m just not up to starting over, again…My physical problems have worsened and, well….enough said.
    Enjoy everything you can, my dear Charles…Life can be so very good!

    1. Thank you dear Naomi!

      I feel for you and despite my long absence from the blogging world, we always thought about you. I can’t wait to visit you soon. Stay strong because you’re surrounded by people who love you :)

  3. It’s always sad to let things go: be it loved ones or loved jobs but alas, that is just the way it works. I lost my 16 year old dog in December so I understand how you feel. Here’s hoping your current work leads to great experiences and new opportunities. You have a great streamlined and simple style that evokes chic in simplicity.

    1. That’s true and I’m so sorry to hear about your dog.

      Thank you for the lovely comment. I’m quite minimalistic in terms of design and style. It’s also very Scandinavian. :)

  4. So sad about Happy (does that make sense?) but Alpha looks beautiful. Our dear little dog Rosie died two years ago, and I’m only just about coming to terms with it – I still miss her every day, but it does get easier. Love all the photos.

    1. Alpha is indeed beautiful and with a bubbly personality to boot. I do miss Happy especially that he’s the only cat I’ve encountered that could fetch consistently. Alpha can fetch, but when he’s in a mood.

  5. I had no clue about Happy, Charles. I am so sorry for your loss but hope Alpha will give you many “happy” hours now. I love how you have come back with this post. BRAVO. Congrats on your new job…and for going with the flow. And I LOVE Odd’s name in runes. WOW. That is such a clever idea!

    1. Yes, you’ve met Happy when you and Astrid were in Bergen. Alpha is such a joy despite the fact that he’s shedding a lot lately thus increasing my allergy levels. I’m actually allergic to cats when I got the results from the doctor. Oh well, that’s why they invented antihistamines :)

  6. cool tattoo!! I always wanted to have one, but I am having doubt.. I don’t know.. what if I don’t like it anymore.. haha.. so I guess a henna tattoo would fit me..

    1. Before I got this tattoo, I thought about it for almost three years before I gave myself a go signal. Plus, my tattoo signifies someone meaningful to me, my husband. :)

  7. Sorry about your loss. I lost a cat due to stomach problems. Watching the vet put her down was the most painful thing ever. :'(

    Congratulations on your job. That’s really fascinating. What kinds of web design projects have you worked on for them?

    Awww and that tattoo is such a sweet gesture. Ugh I need to find me a nice man like you!

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your cat :(

      Thank you! Working at BT is quite fabulous! Mostly, I work with creating/conceptualising online ads and campaigns for our clients as well as print ads too.

      You should come to Norway and I’ll introduce you to some guys here. Norwegian guys are hot and sincere :)

  8. It’s a kitty!!!! :D (I am dearly sorry about Alpha, and I hope that she’s enjoying herself up in heaven right now.)

    Kendo sounds like so much fun! Hopefully, you won’t hurt yourself too much. Then you can say that you know how to fight like an epic samurai warrior!

    Congrats on your new job! Perhaps your magazine will become popular one day. You never know what might happen if you keep on working at it, I guess.

  9. Hi Charles. I can totally understand of loosing a beloved pet. Well as you know I have a labrador and she isnt a pet for me, silly to some but I do consider India my daughter (with fur). Changes are always good — evolving to being a better you — so this year may it bring good positive changes for you. It looks like it :)

  10. Charles, dear! It has been a while! Well, I’ll be sure to visit your blog more often now since you are back! I am so sorry about Happy. I was shock to hear the news that Happy is gone. I recently lost a cat too. She died 4 months ago of Parvovirus – a very nasty virus!

    Kendo looks really awesome! I am never into martial arts but I do have a few friends who are currently participating in Kendo classes and clubs. Maybe I should try it out too.

    PS: That is a really cool tattoo!

  11. What a beautiful tattoo you have there! I think it’s very unique and original, and sweet that it’s your husband’s name. :)

    I’m so sorry to hear that Happy died, I hope the new cat will bring you as much joy as Happy did. Also, what breed are they? Is it a Scottish Fold?

    Holy crap, are you in one of those “Kendo” uniforms in that picture? You guys look like a group of badasses I wouldn’t want to mess with. That’s awesome. I never knew there was a Japanese version of fencing. xD

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