Royally Shorts

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  1. You just have to wear shorts in the summer when it is HOT!!! (lol) You look “cool”, Charles….
    That is a Beautiful building! And, for what it is worth, you look great in all the pictures I’ve seen of you, over the years…!

  2. What are they doing to the roof?
    Summer roof concert? ;)

    >What captured me is the statue of a man with a cross. I can see passion in it
    No, that’s not passion.
    It’s compassion.
    Though, I got passion in my pants. Ha ha…
    Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah.
    I just love that song~

  3. HAHAHA! You and Odd make the perfect pair. :D And you’ve just reminded me that we must watch that movie again, sitting here in our DVD library.

  4. Forgive me for being an ignorant American, but I never realized that Norway had a king! The palace looks quite pretty, even though it is not as grand as Buckingham Palace or Versailles.

    You and Odd are very cute. I don’t know any gay couples in real life at the moment, but your interactions remind me of those of many straight couples I know!

    1. The palace is quite minimalistic because it was meant to be a residence for Swedish king during the time when Norway and Sweden were once in a union. That’s why it wasn’t as grand as the other royal palaces in Stockholm or Copenhagen.

  5. Hahaha the last part made me laugh so much. Odd sounds like a very funny guy and you guys sound like a great couple despite the fact that he gets a bit grumpy when he has to take pictures of you. :P

    Loving your outfit btw! Looking at the pictures, your legs look very long. I guess those shorts really do work! :)

  6. Don’t be so hard on yourself… I’m sure you looked fantastic in all of the pictures :) I wish I had your legs! :P

    I almost ALWAYS wear shorts (outside of work)… I feel like they look better on my butt… which is way too big for a guy haha… :/

    Great post… I like how it was written like a novel :)

  7. We haven’t had much of a summer here, so if the sun shines then people get in their shorts! :)

    I love watching To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar! :)

    1. To be honest, it’s doesn’t really feel like summer here. It’s almost like spring went straight to autumn. Still it didn’t stop me from going out in my shorts despite the chilly weather :)

  8. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I actually wrote about pole dancing at the olympics in a previous entry:

    “How do you judge an Olympic pole dancing routine? Do you count the judges’ boners?? — ‘I give it a nine.'”

    Bah… perv humor. XD Anyway… can a vaj really open a bottle? That sounds painful. I feel like it could cut it up and ew I’m done talking now.

  9. Hi Charlie!

    It is so good to see you back :D. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.
    The Royal Palace is gorgeous indeed – it is undergoing some refurbishment?

    I love the pictures: you look great and I adore your tattoo. BTW, nice shoes!
    I can tell that you are happy and for that reason I am happy for you :D.

    Cheers and enjoy the rest of your summer

  10. hahahaha 1 in every 50 photos is as well my case, sadly I am not that photogenic too ): but anyway u took really great photos & dressed really well in shorts (:

  11. om.. the place is so beautiful. id gladly live there. :D :D
    love the outfit post as well.

    this is the first time i stumbled upon your blog, i believe. and i love how neat it is. kudos!

  12. You and hubby just seem so happy together.
    Hahahaha @ “You have more legs than a bucket of fried chicken,” said Odd <3 Cute.

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