Silent Wings

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  1. I’m curious about your book. I wonder what’s all about. Anyway, good luck! Hope you’ll finish it the soonest. And good luck too on your trip to Rome!

    You’re lucky enough to travel the world. :-)

  2. Very interesting Video—Very Very Intriguiging and I Want To See More….!
    Odd is the most supportive, loving partner, dear Charles…You are very lucky to have such a wonderful Husband …! August sounds like it will be a fun time—Rome….WOW! You know what is frightening? It will be here in a minute!! Here it is, July 3rd, already…!

  3. Odd is a such adorable husband! He had just the right react to make you find again serenity!
    I love the video! Looks very excited! Wand to see more!

  4. One of these days I will sit here and read those first 3 chapters, Charles. I LOVE seeing the video again…so glamorous and mystical. And yes, I can visualize Odd being there for you, now that I have met you both. He loves you to death. He’ll continue to be the wind beneath your wings!

    Carry on!

  5. Awesome video! I loved the music especially, with the use of Middle Eastern tonality. I also finished reading the first chapter: naku, nahilo ako! I like the sudden shifts in perspective (from Dr. Carmichael and Abdul to Xaphan and Aphrodite). I’ll read the second chapter soon…

    1. Thank you Jeruen! I would say the novel is quite fast-paced. The narrative point of view in the first chapter is more omniscient while the rest of the succeeding chapters are in third-person limited. I’m following the same narrative style as J.K. Rowling did in her Harry Potter series.

  6. Sounds pretty angelic that book.
    Your opening sequence is well produced.
    I think the end is a bit abrupt after the long entry slowly building up to it.
    Maybe I would have preferred the intro a bit shorter, but then who am I.
    You are a perfectionist, aren’t you?
    Don’t force yourself, but finish the book.
    It’ll make you feel good when you meet up with your sis. Wonder what she looks like? Maybe I’ll find out here on your blog.

    1. Thank you Pieterbie! Yes, the ending is abrupt to arouse curiosity, which is what I’m really aiming for. Plus the whole video is also working with the flow of the music.

      I really hope I can meet my sister again, but I’m still not sure if we have the time to make it.

  7. Wow, you’ve come a long way already with the book I think! Well done, so far. It can be so difficult in the beginning. Well, I’ve never actually continued, just started to write a long time ago and never continued. The video is really fab!!!

    You have a wonderful hubby – I’m so happy for you two :-)

  8. Yay! Carrie Bradshaw!

    Don’t worry, Charles. I really understand how you feel. I am enjoying my summer as well and I am having 2 web designs to finish and a web application prototype to develop. It does feel overwhelming but remember to work hard and play hard! Once summer is over, you will have no time to play at all. But try to take things slowly and try to finish your book as well. :)

    And I love that opening sequence. ;)

  9. First off, this is probably one of the most creative and original layouts for a blog I’ve ever seen! I adore it, I wish I can do something nearly as awesome as that.

    Now, back to the entry, I’m getting the impression that you travel a lot? That’s really amazing! I am envious ;)

    Really, good luck on finishing your book. I’m glad that you have people to support you for it.

    1. Thank you very much!

      I don’t travel that much unless we get the time to do so especially now that things are pretty hectic. My husband on the other hand has been traveling a lot since he was a child.

    1. Hi! It’s a young adult fiction and you can check the link I posted in this entry to know more about the story. I’m still over halfway with it and hopefully I get an agent and a book deal once I’m done :)

  10. Hey gorgeous! Its been a while I LOVE YOUR SITE! Keep them coming! :-) I’m writing something too hahaha I can relate with whipping up that novel into shape.

  11. Hi Charles, like Odd i’m sure that u’ll finish ur book before ur travel. U seems so inspired….just type.
    Hope u’re fine.
    Say hi to Odd.

  12. I honestly got chills watching your opening. You did an awesome job on it, and I’m definitely very intrigued by your book. I’ll have to read the chapters you’ve posted when I get the chance.

    Good luck hitting your deadlines, but don’t rush yourself. You can’t rush genius. :)

  13. There is something compelling about your first chapter. I’ve gotten halfway through it. I’m not sure I’ll like all of it – but it reminds me of The Jewel of Seven Stars by Bram Stoker, probably because of the genre and the setting. I like how it’s shaping though!

    And you will definitely get it all done by your deadline. :) I never set a deadline for my first novel that I’m writing now, but I haven’t touched it in a few months. Dx I’m also iffy about putting any of it online, I guess I’m just that paranoid someone will get their hands on it and steal it. :P

  14. Love the opening scene of the book and I am very curious about what is coming next, it intrigues me.
    How is Happy doing, I know she will keep you and Odd very HAPPY.
    Give a big hug to Odd from me, hope business is doing okay for him!
    Have a great weekend :)

  15. Isn’t it wonderful to have so many things to look forward to? Your travel itinerary looks so colourful and incredibly fun. Visiting loved ones, not to mention, in beautiful countries that you mentioned is always a memorable and lovely experience.

    I saw the video that you posted, by the way. Great teaser! I like how it entices the audience and that it grabs you without giving anything away. Good to see that you got the first three chapters up. I’ll definitely give it a read some time this week!

    Hope you had a restful weekend, Charles.

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