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  1. Since we’re Facebook friends, I guess I am automatically disqualified from the competition, but I hope you don’t mind giving a guess at the type of breed your new “furry baby” is: American Shorthair? The reason why I am making that guess is because my own furry baby (who went to feline heaven back in 2005) was one, and our pets look similar.

    I hope that you and Odd are enjoying the feeling of being new “parents”, and that your baby gets a much-needed nail trim, for everyone’s sake!

    Have you named her/him yet?

    Glad to see you blogging again, Charles. =)

      1. What a coincidence! When I had my furry baby, I also momentarily adopted another furry baby, who I also named Happy. Unfortunately, Happy was too wild a cat that it ran away several weeks after I adopted him. He was also quite the rascal in the house.

        Can I have another guess (although I’m disqualified), anyway? Persian?

        Hope you’re having a relaxing and fun weekend filled with relaxation and feline affection!

  2. My guess is it is a Cat….and the Breed? Well, I don’t see the clue in the picture…I have had Orange Cats in the past and they were all strays so there was bo way to know ‘the breed’….So, I guess, no present from Norway for me.
    I hope you will post some pictures of the new addition to your family….

    Glad you are back blogging Charles—It is amazing how many Bloggers now devote their Computer time to Facebook, for whatever the reason….All I know is, it has taken them away from blogging.

    1. You can always guess and probably you’ll get the answer right who knows? I’ll leave you another clue, this breed is one of the top ten popular breeds according to Animal Planet.

      I think because Facebook allows everyone to easily share information and also you can be selective in which group of people you wanted to share the information.

  3. Gees. In the picture, there’s a white paw and I suppose it’s a real dog. I’m not good with breeds and races. I think it’s a setter, an Irish Setter. Wild guess. haha.

    Btw, welcome back Sir Charles!

  4. I guess I’m kind of disqualified, but not less excited and happy for you!
    I could say that the clue had something to do with the special stand in the pic? :lol:

    Btw: Glad you had such a great time with Ginnie and Astrid last weekend!
    … and of course; Happy Easter to the three of you :-)

  5. Totally disqualified, I know…but PLEASE SHOW US A PICTURE! You tickled Astrid and me to death by all the ‘accessories’ everywhere around your apartment for your new baby. I know you’re beyond excited. You’ll make a good mommie. :D

  6. im so glad you are back to blogging! :) im guessing it’s a cat? :P but… someone guessed it first already. hehe. (just glad to see you posting again!) take care!

  7. Your new baby is definitely a cat of some Sort…. I think it would be neat if you told us that you’re adopting an orphan tiger cub.

  8. Oh, you’re back to blogging! Welcome back! I see a cat scratching tower in the picture, and given orange, and hairy, I’ll guess it’s a Persian.

  9. Ah! I didn’t know you’re talking about a cocktail! So, let me guess again, an Exotic Shorthair? I think this is a cross between an American Shorthair and a Persian…

  10. Aww you got a kitty! I’m horrible with breeds though, but I’m guessing it’s orange in colour. That’s not going to win me anything… but I am already excited to see pictures especially after seeing that scratch post in the corner. :D

    I’m thinking an Exotic Shorthair or a Ragdoll, they both seem like the kind of cat you’d get. :)

    I can’t wait to see the photos though. So so excited. :D Take care, and welcome back, by the way!

    1. I think you got me there :) I was actually thinking between an Exotic Shorthair or a Ragdoll and in the end we chose the Exotic because it’s so cute to look at.

      I’ll post the photos in my next entry :)

  11. First off, welcome back! I was wondering where you disappeared off to. ;O

    I also find it a bit odd how you can carry animals with you on planes. Was it a carry on bag or did Bjørn put it in with the rest of the luggage (I couldn’t quite tell (by the way, how do you pronounce his name if you don’t mind me asking)). Since you said it was orange… I’m going to guess some sort of tabby cat (I think that’s the term)?

  12. Welcome back blogging! :D And OMG! I’m totally jealous that you got a cat! I want a cat, too! I want to see a picture, too :D I bet it’s really cute :)

    And I totally think it’s an exotic! Exotic shorthair. Darn it someone said it first XD

  13. Very nicely written, this piece.
    I am ignorant as far as cats go, a cat is a cat to me.
    So I’m afraid I’m lost in this one, won’t even give it a try.

  14. Ahh! You got a cat? Tease! Haha at first I thought you’d adopted a kid but then it came out of a bag then I just got really confused! :P

  15. Welcome back, Charles! Glad you start blogging again.

    I am guessing that the orange thing is a cat? From the picture, I notice the tier that cats usually play on… I may be wrong… You might get a baby cheetah or a tiger. :p In the place where I currently reside in (not my home country), it is totally legal to have a cheetah or a tiger as a pet. :/

  16. Oh my!!! I’m so happy to see you’re blogging, again!!! It’s great.

    Aww… Why don’t you send the souv to me? I’m in France and we’ve been long-years friends through blogging!! And it would really make my day :) :) :) :O :O :O

    Hi hi hi. <3

  17. haha. i just searched the video today… and I saw the Exotic one at the Animal Planet vid. and was thinking it would be it. the best “lap cat”. someone got to me first. can’t wait to see the pictures Charles!!

  18. CATS! I love Cats, oh I love animals period :)
    SO awesome you have a pet you can call your baby and treat it as such …

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