Striping With The Ancients

43 thoughts on “Striping With The Ancients”

  1. Wow, the background is really great!! The stones look really interesting :-)
    I don’t like stripes as well but maybe this will change?

    1. The place is quite lovely to explore or just sit around and be one with the serene surrounding. The stripes lately have been more interesting and visually appealing :)

  2. at first, i thought you were going to strip. in an ancient graveyard, no less! but yes, the stripes look good. great shot of the hubby as well :)

  3. Fashion and history mix very well together. Love the blog as it is not entirely focus on what you are wearing only which I must say puts colour on a cloudy day.

    To know that those slab stones have been there for centuries is indeed very unique.

    I am a big fan of stripes especially Breton stripes for it is — simple, classic and elegant. I think it is what type of stripes you choose to wear as not all combination are appealing but you sure know how to pick your stripes :)

    1. Thank you! Even though my blog will be focusing more about fashion, still I would not lose the aspect of creating a story or a history behind every entry. I want it to be interesting for my lovely blog readers and friends :)

      Breton stripes are indeed lovely and I’ve seen them on some classic movies especially on Audrey Hepburn. My two favourite Swedish labels, Acne and Filippa K have tees with Breton stripes. :)

  4. The place is beautiful, and you looks quite handsome yourself in the photos. I guess stripes are in, I have a couple of striped shirts myself. :)

    Thanks for the links btw, they have helped a lot and I fixed the coding issue. :)

  5. I had the same opinion as you on stripes. Now I do like them on men (my boyfriend wears a lot of stripes), but still not very much into it myself ;)

    1. I adore men wearing stripes. Looking at them wearing it with such bravado made me reevaluate that I should try and wear one. Luckily, it does suit me and probably because I chose the right colours that would compliment my skin tone.

  6. Glad to have you back on the blogosphere!

    I live in a city where it’s well, a city, and I’d probably have to travel very far to get something close to where you guys are at in the pictures. It’s really cool that you guys were able to get a photoshoot in such a beautiful setting. I would love to find a place like that!

    Also, stripes do look very good on you. Work it!

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