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  1. I am in the process of setting up my own .no domaine and think I will also move from wordpress.com to that with more freedom of customizing wordpress. Any help you can give is really appreciated I totally worship you and your work :-) I like the clean concept of Renny’s blog very much. So the new wordpress theme should be clean and stylish. I am thinking of taking my ‘widgets’ down and moving important info onto other pages with tabs so one can easily go there if they wish, but not everyone needs to read everything. Super job!!!

  2. Dear artistic and creative Charles; Thanks again for this extreme and wonderful makeover on my blog – including the new, unique logo which fit in so well!

    Btw: Did you know that Professor Birkeland from Norway, in the beginning of the 1900s used a Terella to find out about the phenomena Northern Lights. He experimented on how magnetism influenced on lights (in a little glass box = a Terella) – so my blog is My little glass box or my little experimental world. Thanks for always making it so special and nice!

  3. Hi Charles.
    U’ve done a great job as usual. I like the logo, and the theme is great. I like the picture in the back. :)

    I’ll not be helpful for the new theme u want to create. I think that u’ll find out and i know u’re a great web designer (and this is not only because we know each other, i really mean it). Just look around u, u’ll find inspiration.
    For what it worth, i’ll love picture in the back, or a white back, it’s pure and simple.
    Have a great week end.
    Hi to Odd.

  4. Hey, you’re really getting into designing. That’s great. My preference when it comes to WordPress themes is something simple, clean, uses blue and white, or pink and white or lavender and white :D

    It’s scorching over here right now. What is it like over your neck of the woods? Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

    1. Hello Joy! Oh I’ve been designing websites and some graphic stuff for over six years now, but I rarely show it in my previous blog. I think we have the same preference. I am always partial in something minimalistic.

      Bergen is a bit chilly even on a clear summer day but I love it. At least the temperatures don’t normally soar above 20+. I always have this aversion to heat.

  5. Is that an LRT version (faster than a tram slower than the metro). We had a few new trams in HK a couple of years ago but the people wanted the old tram as it adds charisma to the city. My favorite transport is a tram, but that’s a better one, at least it’s air conditioned.

    I like how you take photos of your place, at least we get to see where you and Odd lives. Virtual tour.

    1. I checked on Wikipedia and learned that LRT is similar to the ones in Paris meaning it’s a rapid transit or a metro. The difference with the Bergen Light Rail is that it runs within the streets in the city like a tram.

      Honestly, I haven’t tried taking a ride on it since we live in the center of the city. Almost everything is a walking distance for us.

  6. You did a such wonderful job for Renny!!! I adore the logo. It is just perfect! And the theme … beautiful!!!
    I can’t help you for the theme you will work on because those time I am the contrary of minimalistic!!! I don’t know why? It’s perhaps the age!!! Hi, hi!!! I would become baroc or rococo!!! I don’t understand because it wasn’t my preference. Times change! The Rergen Light Rail looks very nice on the picture. Ecology mind must be our future and So you are in the good mood in Bergen!!!
    Have a marvelous Sunday with Odd!!!

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you created for Renny, my dear Charles….It is BEAUTIFUL and the curves with the red and blue and that little bit of white, ALL contained in a circle…Very Very Classy, My Dear Charles….You have such a great great ‘eye’, and and inner understanding of what attracts the eye and the heart…..Love It!

    I cannot believe you—The Queer Chef…The Very Very DEAR, Queer Chef, NEVER made “EGGS BENEDICT”. THey Are Divine and Sublime….You must make this delectable, delicious dish for you and Odd, Very Very Soon. It’s the whole thing–The Egggs, The English Muffibs, The Canadian Bacon, and he Hollendaise Sauce—But, it is really the Hollendaise Sauce that “MAKES” this a spectacularly delectable delicious Brunch Dish.

  8. Charles, you have done a great job with our common friend Renny’s blogdesign.
    Congrats, it’s really something for your CV.
    And the description of how thought abou the challenge is very instructive regarding how designers do work.

    Bybanen: I do not know why, but it reminds me of the one in Istanbul (Will post later).

    Have a great week

  9. I think your web design is quite spectacular, and Renny seems to be pleased too, judging from his comments! Your own blog is looking very nice with the use of your logo. I’d love something custom designed, but as I’m not very computer savvy, I’ll have to stick with whatever blogger hands me.

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