The Journey of a Centimetre

46 thoughts on “The Journey of a Centimetre”

  1. It’s sooo sweet Charles !!!
    The idea around this is brilliant…….
    Honestly, you two belong together!!!!!
    I am sooo glad that I met you and that I got to be your friend….
    You two deserve the best !!!
    Love ya !!!

  2. No worries, I got your comment. :D I love that illustration. I spent some time looking at it to read the stream of words.

    Technology is pretty amazing. I can’t say I’ve developed such a close relationship as you two have, but I am close to a lot of people who I have met online, and sometimes we video call each other and whatnot – I don’t believe distance can separate two people in any kind of relationship, if the feelings are mutual and strong. :)

    1. Thanks Georgina! When I pressed the submit button, nothing happened and when I pressed it again, it said “duplicate comment”. Probably it was just a glitch.

      I do agree, technology is really amazing and it makes the world smaller in terms of communication.

  3. This is so sweet, Charles, and actualluy could have been written about Astrid and me! How often have we said to each other that if it hadn’t been for Skype in particular, plus MSN chat and e-mail, we would not be together right now, married here in The Netherlands. You have introduced me to Donna Lewis in this post. Thank you! :)

  4. I really love the way you write. It seems like I am reading a novel whenever I read your blog. It is one of the most unique writing in a blog that I have ever seen and I love it!

    Your project is great. From the picture, I can tell that it is well thought out. And I really love the concept about the computer screens and also the time difference concept. Keep up the good work.

  5. I bought a few weeks ago the new Adobe Suite CS5 and i should say that it’s awsome!!! but i have to work harder to learn all that you have done, because your illustrations are f+++ amazing!!
    it’s a nice project! the journey of a centimetre…nice name!!

  6. Fascinating how you tell.

    reminds me of this afternoon, when we sat ouside and (tried to) listen to the Radio.

    i misintepretated the word Progam and was convinced I heard the Word: Fru Gram.
    Then I imagined the thinnest woman of all… Ideas comes sudden…

  7. I am sitting here smiling at your illustration.
    This can relate to so many people who are not just in relationships but also with family across the Ocean and friends they miss from home. I love it. Great job :-)

  8. You are such a cutie couple! Cherish this free time that you have – to be creative, to explore, to just be. It’s precious.

    Soon when you get a job, things just won’t be the same.

    Sorry I haven’t visited sooner. Been under the weather.

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Joy!

      I don’t really have free time because I’m juggling three things at once: my studies, running my own firm, and writing my first novel. Though with time planning, I managed pretty well.

      Btw, this illustration is my mandatory project as a Design and Media Communication student.

      I hope that you’re feeling better now. TC!

  9. Oh you both are such sweethearts =)
    The illustration is gorgeous. You make perfect line arts and there’s no flaw in the colouring and shading. Good job, hun.

  10. i love the sweetness you two share… the bond. the love. inspires me much. :)

    great meaning behind the image. and yes… i love the image =)

  11. Wow the illustration looks really cool. I wanted to ask the meaning behind it, but you already explained it. That was really sweet :) Yeah, thanks to modern technology we could talk to our loved ones who are away from us, but it’s still different if we are really together with the people we love, close to us.

    I forgot to answer your question before D: Yep I have Flickr but it’s still outdated XD My new pictures arent there yet but I’ll open it again soon. The reason why I can’t upload there is because UAE blocks Flickr =/ But I’m leaving UAE soon so I guess I could open it again! Do you have Flickr?^^

  12. The love and devotion that you and Odd show to each other, especially in encouraging each other in each other’s endeavours and still have that raw honesty is one to envy. Rather, not envy, but it’s one to inspire courage, especially for people who are out there looking for the same thing in their own lives.

    The illustration is beautiful., and I really love the title of your post.

  13. always a pleasure to receive some commets of yours ; hope this is not too cold up there Paris is beautiful these days under the autumn sin !!Pierre

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