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  1. Yeah, I totally agree with the no uniform thing. That’s one thing I like about academia: we can wear whatever we want. Well, I have to say though, that your work place might be more trendy, while my environment is more nerdy, and that totally reflects on clothes too. :)

    1. I definitely agree, that the environment reflects with the outfit one wear, but then again as a person I’m always been fashionable or preoccupied with what I wear that it should be fashion forward. It has something to do with me being vain lol!

  2. your workplace looks great! your wardrobe is even more casual than i’m used to–and i work with creatives. it’s cute that your expression is also different by the day. your vacation sounds pretty busy but i guess days off are also for getting stuff done. :)

  3. You and your office both look fabulous. That flower lamp behind you looks fuzzy, for some reason.

    In America, most jobs don’t require you to wear a uniform, but you’re required to dress “appropriately” for many of them. Basically, that means that of the four outfits you posted, only the last one would be considered suitable for a lot of white-collar work. Of course, the definition of “suitable” depends on your job. People at the Jet Propulsion Lab wear t-shirts and jeans (not very stylish), but people working in finance have to wear suits every day!

    1. We have quite a liberal approach with clothing not just in politics as some politicians or CEOs here even sport tattoos or visible piercings. I do ditch the shorts when I’m meeting clients, but still I have to wear something that would make me standout :)

  4. It is absolutely an indulgence that you are working for a company that encourages your creative side even with wearing clothes. J’adore the ensembles and particularly the hunter boots for rainy days!!

  5. Love the “new” blog, Charles. And of course, your outfits are wonderful. I LOVE the design of this blog. Did you create this yourself? If so, want to lend me the template??? *:0)

    xo to you and Odd….m.e.

  6. Love the decor of your office! It must be a great place to work in and you look like you belong right in with your super cool outfits. Very stylish all around :)

  7. I love the way the office is designed! I also love your outfits.
    Glad to see your liking the transition. It must be awesome getting to work in that type of environment.
    Have a blast on your 3 weeks off! Vacations are always needed. ;)

    I am going to go back a post and say I love your cat. Too cute of a picture. :D

  8. No way, you ARE very handsome! And to top it all off, you have a great sense of fashion. It must be so nice to work in a job that you enjoy.

    You got the job, the looks and the style. I think you’re set for life. ;)

  9. What a style! I think the job and everybody arround you just suit you perfectly. What a life.

    Enjoy them!



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