Tied Up

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  1. Egil looks far too young to be handling those nasty weapons!
    Good luck to him in Afghanistan. The area where the excersis was taking place looks just like Canada with all those tall pine trees. He won’t see many trees like that when he gets to Afghanistan!

      1. I’m amazed at all the civilians in the photos….was this “Parents’ Weekend”??

        Such sweet boys. And Odd is as handsome as ever.

  2. Haha I hope you’re not too stressed out from your crazy schedule! I think it’s great that you take time off from the computer. I just can’t do it, haha.

    Good luck with that web design! I used to work in the production of an interactive multimedia piece in January for a publishing company; that was the closest I’ve been to anything “professional”.

    I’m sure Egil appreciates your support! I love the first photo, and I’m a little jealous you got a ride in that tank!

    1. I’m devising a new schedule and I’ll post it on my next entry: :)

      Thanks dear, I am having a break from the web design work since I’m still waiting for the rest of the materials from my client. So now I am concentrating with writing my book.

  3. I totally support u Charles, u’re smart. Love the idea of being ur own boss.
    Which studies will u do next week? I tought u’ve finish with studies.
    Take care of u. Hi to Odd.

  4. ¿militar camp? i have never ever heard about that kind of stuff in my country. well, trying to remember…i think when my father was a child he went to one of them. but now….i did not have notice about that.

    did you have fun? it could be very interesting!!

  5. fun to see the three brothers in one picture! im sure you handle the juggling of things-to-do well. :) enjoy! lots of love.

  6. Egil’s mother is going to find it very difficult until she sees her son again – alive. I didn’t realise Norway sent troops to Afghanistan.

    Hey, that’s great about your own business. All the best!

    Did you enjoy your weekend?

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  7. that’s courageaous of him to leave to that crazy war
    that’s courageaous of you to be your own boss (this another war <ith a battle every day !! )
    cheers de paris

  8. Good to have a set of entrepreneurial skills early on in life. I’m sure that being your own boss will reap a lot of benefits for your career.

    By the way, great photos. =) I hope that Egil has a safe and fruitful, but mostly safe, stint in Afghanistan.

  9. Charles,
    to my opinion you have done the right decission:
    Starting your own company. That’s clever and I’m sure you will succeed.

    Ragarding Afganistan: No Comments

    btw. Missed you both during OsloBG

  10. Hey Sweetie! Glad to hear you are working hard on your book and starting your own firm! I think you can make it big, we certainly LOVE your work!

    Looks like an exciting visit to Odd’s brother, I wish him all the best in Afghanistan! Sounds scary to me, hope he does well and comes home quickly!!!

  11. I hate war, Charles, so I have very mixed emotions seeing these fabulous images of 3 brothers. Once Egil comes back, nothing will be the same. I realize that someone has to do the dirty work. I just hate it. In the meantime, for YOU, I hope you climb your mountain and get to the very top in your creative work. You deserve it.

    1. I definitely agree. I’m not fond of war either because it’s just an evil circle that goes round and round. I mean you can’t go to war for peace. I find that phrase idiotic.

      And thanks for your kind comment!

  12. Tanks put fear into me!

    Good luck with your work, book and studies… You sound very busy!

    I’ve now put up my review for Second Hand Heart :)

    Take care and have a good weekend.

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