17 thoughts on “Bergenlicious”

  1. Charles, these are some great pictures and than you for showing one of the shops from Odd. Sometimes it is good to be as a tourist in your own town.
    Love and hugs,

  2. It was a long time I didn’t read a blog. I really apprediate to read you ! Discovering your town and your thoughts during a time ! It is very poetic !

  3. Bergen is such a beautiful place (I knew that, but this even proves it more)! Which routes to take from Cebu? I am seriously considering a visit. I have a friend who lives in Oslo as well. I mean, your photos just make me want to pack my bags and stay there forever. Hahahaha.

    1. Hi Justine! I’m not really sure since there are no direct flights to or from Norway and the Philippines. You can always fly to London and take a direct flight there to Bergen or Oslo for example :)

  4. I just saw an article about Bergen….with pictures. But your post and pictures are so much better! What a BEAUTIFUL place you live in—-the mountains and The Sea! So glad you grabbed that Sunny Day. my dear…..! A Joy to see your view of where you live….!
    I LOVED the picture of all the fish! Why are they all so expensive??
    Anyway…..I LOVE seeing where you live, dear Charles.

    1. It was really a wise decision to take that tour-your-own-city when the weather was nice.
      Even us the locals are baffled with the high prices. Most of the customers there are tourist who knew nothing, but I think there will be a renaissance soon :)

  5. So jealous that you live in such a beautiful place! Also totally googled your husband’s store. THAT’S what convenience stores look like in Norway? So unfair haha.

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