Postcards From Cebu: The Journey And The Accommodation

15 thoughts on “Postcards From Cebu: The Journey And The Accommodation”

  1. I still have not been to the Philippines?!
    Although it’s located right next to my home country, Malaysia!
    I go back almost every year, and I try to visit other Asian countries while I’m home. :)
    Usually I just grab the latest offer I can get from AirAsia.
    Not sure where should I go this year…

      1. Ha ha.. You know what I have not been to Malaysian Borneo either.
        The two states separated from the Peninsula.
        But I did a lot of Thailand when I was little though. God, it’s still my favourite country despite I have been to so many other countries. Must be the food and the people I guess.
        And I actually studied in Singapore, so that’s like my second home after Malaysia. Ha!

  2. I flew business class on an international flight for the first time this summer as well! The flight experience was so much better than usual :’) The photobombing Singapore Airlines flight attendant haha–how cute! And a butterfly garden at an airport?? That’s so cool // A boxing ring at the hotel’s gym? Sickk // Hope both of you had a fantastic time :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  3. You clearly went all out on this trip, Charles, and why not, as you said. You only live once! I can see why you’d want to go back.

  4. What an adventure and I am so glad that you and Odd are able to fly business class, it makes a difference and why not, you both work hard and this was a trip so looked forward. I am so glad you could go back to your birthplace. Great set of pictures. Thank you for letting us be part of your life!!! I love that gym in the hotel, I think you were a ‘regular’ there!!

  5. Cupcake decorating contest?! That both looks and sounds like so much fun! I can completely understand why you chose to fly business with your partner, and brilliant choice with the Louis Vuitton holdall by the way – you suit it!

    1. Yes! It was fun and aside from that they had burger making classes and all. Too bad I was so busy to attend it. In regards with the keepall, thank you! I overheard an American lady in the airport how she fancies my bag hehehehehe :)

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