Thanksgiving Week Part 1

13 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Week Part 1”

  1. Ah you’ve been to New York! Though I have to say that I somehow prefer Boston; NYC is bigger and Boston is cleaner. Nevertheless I keep on finding myself going back to NYC more simply because of family. My sister and her fiance lives just north of the city (in fact, I’m visiting them next week for Christmas).

  2. I am so thrilled for you, Charles, that you and Odd got to see this part of the world! NYC really IS something else…so hard to describe. A city that never sleeps! My nephew graduated from Harvard a few years back, so one day I’d love to visit that prestigious campus. Lucky you to have seen it before me. :)

  3. How lovely to have spent thanksgiving with all of your family – I can imagine the time must have flown by! Bergdorf Goodman’s windows look spectacular; like you say, they’re works of art :) Ah, it really is great to see NYC from your perspective, and especially as I’ve never visited there before!

  4. Wait! That changed my comment. Grrr Google forms autocorrect please ignore my previous comment. I meant to say I’m glad you enjoyed time with your family! So good to see you and Odd enjoy Boston and New York. Aside from Seattle, my favorite American cities are New York, Boston and San Francisco. Hope you get to visit the West Coast sometime!

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