Visual Diary: Mallorca Part 1

8 thoughts on “Visual Diary: Mallorca Part 1”

    1. Lol! There’s around five in your area. I think it’s understandable considering the higher concentration of moneyed people there and not to mention tourists. LV usually opens a store in a capital city or a city with lots of moneyed tourists.

      The restaurant was indeed a fabulous experience and would definitely visit it again :)

  1. Ooooh it looks so wonderful! I’m so jealous of the amount of vacation you get! Currently, I get 15 days of paid time off a year. That includes sick AND vacation time. I’m at a point where I’d probably show up to work with the bubonic plague just to save all my days for traveling -_-

    What I can read of that menu sounds amazing especially the braised short rib! It’s surprising that there’s such a great concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants there. Must be quite inspirational for the chefs to live in a beautiful place with what I’m sure is a great climate for fresh food.

    Great to see you and Odd looking so happy and relaxed! :)

    1. That really sucks that your sick and vacation were combined in that 15-days-of-paid-time pot. It’s a mandate from the government, so companies can’t do anything about it. The country has a strong tradition with unions and Norwegians love their free time.

      I’m actually surprised as well when I discovered that they have like seven Michelin star restaurants. Though Odd told me that Spain as a country has one of the highest concentration of Michelin star restaurants. The food was divine and the service was just impeccable. It was definitely worth it :)

      Btw, where are you guys going again this summer?

  2. Mallorca is so lovely! I remember one of the things in my bucket lists was to eat in a Michelin star restaurant so I guess I know where to go to find a lot of them? Based on this entry, it’s definitely somewhere I’d love to visit in the future.

    1. Hi Justine! Mallorca is indeed lovely and I bet you will fall for its charms too! Just google for the Michelin star website since they have a comprehensive list there :)

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