Visual Diary: Mallorca Part 2

7 thoughts on “Visual Diary: Mallorca Part 2”

  1. It is all so very beautiful, Charles……And I thank you for the treat of sharing this trip to a place I have never been and will never get to go to—–I feel as if I now HAVE visited this gorgeous place, through you and Odd……I look forward to seeing more!

  2. Your photos are unreal!! So beautiful! I bet you were glad you chose Mallorca as your travel destination. I would not regret one single bit, tbh. :) Happy you had a great time!

  3. Thanks for the offer on my blog. First of all, I have NO idea where all that crap came from…..I never heard of it and suddenly there it all was, on my blog!!!! I need to contact my Original Blog Designer….but I am having trouble finding her. I don’t want to change my design—I want my old design back. It was a plant in my Cactus Garden that was flowering and now—It Is GONE!!! Maybe she used that Shack thingy—-I honestly don’t know—-But it is very distressing…….
    I am going to try and email her at the last address I had for her——I don;t think she does Blog Designs anymore, but is still actively designing other things……
    I’ll let you know…..And, again, I appreciate the offer, more than I can say……but, I’m not ready to change my design., if I can get back what had been there…….!

    LOVED your pictures of your trip……Such a BEAUTIFUL place…..!

  4. The beach is always a good idea. Aaaah beautiful photos Charles. I haven’t been to a beach vacation in like ages (yes even though I went home to the Philippines each in the last three years). You and Odd are looking great together. My belated greetings to your anniversary.

    Kisses from Holland and see you soon.

  5. Hi Charles! Long time since I have been on the site. I just read your previous post and this one. I just want to jump into those photos! They are stunning! I definitely need to add this to my bucket list of places to visit. It makes me miss my six weeks of Italy more, there is something about Europe that is captivating and having family there makes it easier for me to make the journey out there more.

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