Visual Diary: Wine and Bones

15 thoughts on “Visual Diary: Wine and Bones”

  1. It seems everyone is heading to Portugal this year! My sister and her boyfriend just went earlier this May and loved it! They haven’t reached Evora though; your pictures look amazing!

  2. I knew you’d eventually get to the bones, Charles! In the meantime, the whole concept of wineries and vineyards really IS romantic. Remember Napa Valley in California? Yup! You get to drive from one winery to another and hope you make your way out alive! :)

  3. Hello! :)

    It’s great to catch up with you again!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I’ve heard of the Chapel of Bones before, it sounds (and looks) like a place that has to be visited.

  4. I saw both films you mention above.
    I love vineyards they have something precious about them.
    I try to imagine what the wine will taste like when I’m walking between the unripe grapes.

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