What To Wear For A Summer Getaway

8 thoughts on “What To Wear For A Summer Getaway”

  1. I tried to travel light but I can’t travel without my Clarins cleanser , moisturiser for day & night, sunscreen and skin tint …lip balm, eye cream, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner coz I’m allergic to perfumed toiletries !!! :D

  2. I never pack light. Sigh. I just stuff the clothes I want to wear that sometimes I overpack. A 4 day stay bag can turn into 2 weeks’ worth of clothes. Terrible! I love the simplicity and how you arranged your outfits. I should practice this now since I travel a lot too.

  3. LOL, Charles. This is when I want to say something like “You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Gay!” :D I love it. I tend to be a “less is more” kind of person myself, but then, who cares in the end, as long as you can carry your own suitcase! HA!

  4. This post made me smile. I also wanted at first to say “You are sooo gay!” but then again, aren’t we just perpetuating the stereotypes?

    I’m gay too, but I don’t travel like this. Yes, we’ve talked about travel styles before, when I came over for dinner. Bottom line, if you’re happy and enjoying your vacation with 4 pairs of shoes, then more power to you!

    My husband and I are road-tripping this coming July/August in Slovenia, it’ll be our delayed honeymoon. No beach, instead, we’re hiking, trekking, ziplining, and caving. If I tell you what outfits I’ll be bringing (including my fast-drying synthetic trekking gear) you’ll probably roll your eyes on me in return. :P

  5. Charles, I think it is great that you do not take things for granted, this is a wonderful quality to have. I love all the outfits you are showing here. What a gorgeous place to spend a week…or any amount of time! Beautiful and charming.

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