Visual Diary: Rome Part 1

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  1. WOW! I went during my spring break I was in Rome for 3 nights, Sorrento 2, and then Greece for 2, and a night on a ferry. I wish to go back so badly, in all your photos I can locate where I was there! I hope you and your friends are having fun with the travels! :D Did you see the only statue at the Vatican left with glass eyes. It looks a bit creepy but its beautifully crafted. I can’t wait to see your other photos,( I’m definitely going to pop in again. :D )

    1. We had fun, but I kept on complaining about the heat and wishing I traveled there around spring, fall or winter.

      Hmmm I didn’t see it at all. I was practically bored and wanted to go out the museum and go shopping instead lol!

  2. It’s pictures like these makes me wonder why the hell I haven’t traveled out of the country yet. I’ve always been here, in the states…and looking at these pictures remind me how much beauty I’m missing.

    Also the photo you have of the mural in the Pantheon is so intense! I absolutely love the contrast between the illuminating art piece and the shadows surrounding it. B-e-autiful!

    1. Thank you dear! You should travel around Europe and if ever you’re in my neck of the woods, drop me a message and you’re definitely welcome to stay with us!

  3. Looks like you had a GREAT Time in Rome….Wonderful pictures, my dear—especially that one where there is NO ONE but you—RARE! No Tourists, etc….

    As to your visiting here in Los Angeles….You bettrr make it before 2013, my dear Charles….God knows where I will be by then…(lol)…But, seriously….Healthwise…That seems like an eternity. I do so wish you could get here before 2011 is over–But, I know that is no doubt, impossible…

    Anyway….I look forward to seeing much more of your view of Rome!

    1. Oh trust me, there were a lot of tourists. Just going inside the Vatican museum took us an hour or something because of the long queue.

      No, don’t say something like that. You’re still young and I know you have many more birthdays to come :)

      It’s difficult for us now because we’re practically busy and traveling to the US needs some careful planning. Anyway, we will definitely travel there, but I felt that 2013 is the year.

  4. You know, Rome is a city I haven’t visited yet. I found myself 150 km from Rome once, but never got there.
    My eldest son is going for the second time next month.
    Lucky kid!

  5. Hello! You have a wonderful website.

    Oh, I am so jealous you went to Rome. That’s all I have wanted to do the past three years! It’s great that you stayed at such a nice hotel with good staff; a bad hotel can ruin any trip. You were that close to St. Peter’s? That is amazing! All of these pictures are excellent. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip!

  6. Very beautiful. So divine. I so envy you Charles. I always wanted to go to Italy, particularly in Rome, in the Vatican. ROme still remains a dream to me.

    Great trip you had there. Perhaps you can also go to Sicily where Vito Corleone lives.:-)

  7. Amazing photography :D Love the one with you in it and the one with the square and church.

    I would love to go to Rome, it’s just an amazing historical place that is just a must!

  8. Great pictures. I think it was great for the two of you being in Rome and relax a little bit, even in the heat.
    You look so happy together (handsome couple :) )
    I have never been to Rome, maybe we will one day.

  9. That sounds really interesting! Norway seems like such an interesting country. Are you in school now? Yeah, that’s probably pretty common in any city that has a college campus. :D

    1. Norway is really an interesting country aside from being beautiful and extremely rich.

      I’m done with my studies and now working as a web designer in a lovely company.

  10. I just read another blog about a Rome trip the other day. That blogger didn’t post as many pictures, though.

    I adore these photographs. The vignette you placed on them is gorgeous, and they’re so vibrant! I was going to try to pick a favorite, but I can’t. Perhaps the statues? I don’t know!

    I will be looking forward to Part 2.

    (And I did receive the Spotify invitation. Thank you. :D)

    1. Thank you! I applied this vignette that I learned from Veerle’s site, but with some slight tweaking :)

      I’m happy that you got the invitation and I hope you enjoy listening to music with Spotify :)

  11. Awesome pictures! The picture of the two of you standing in front of the Pantheon somehow reminded me of the movie “The Talented Mister Ripley” which was perhaps due to the faux vintage color tones. I’m glad you had a good time in Rome. And I agree that summer isn’t the best time to visit: we visited Rome in June 2005 (Rome and Athens was my parents’ graduation vacation gift to me when I graduated from undergrad), and it was hot and sticky. Add to that the fact that there were so many tourists, that when we entered the Vatican Museums, we practically had to go and walk non-stop without taking a breather to enjoy the exhibits, since there were more and more people coming in. It felt like a marble treadmill. But, there were still other hidden corners of the city that I definitely enjoyed.

    1. My father warned me that August is not exactly the perfect time to travel to Rome. He was laughing when I told him on the phone that it was freaking hot!

      Entering the Vatican Museum or even the church is like going inside the airport with all those security. God it was stressful!

      1. Ha, worse I think! I remember there were diagrams that illustrated the acceptable and unacceptable clothing when entering the Vatican (no sleeveless, etc).

        1. Yeah, they have two security gates. The last gate checks the dress code. I see some people stupid enough to enter wearing Daisy Dukes and spaghetti straps. I just laughed when I see them sulking as they were refused entrance after standing in a line for like an hour or two under the baking sun.

  12. I have been to Rome twice, Charles, but not with Astrid, so I will definitely have to make it worthwhile for her. It’s an incredible city, for sure! So glad you and Odd could just fly over and make a great little holiday of your time. But you’re right…I would never go during high tourist season in the heat!

  13. Amazing pictures, Charles! Rome and the Vatican is still in my list of go-to places. Hope I will find myself (and Knut, of course) there one day.

    P.S. Did I say I love your pictures?

  14. Wow! Rome is one beautiful city. Beyond words. The architectural details are all amazing. Best of all, you and your friends had a lot of fun. That’s undeniably cool!Keep us posted with your travels…

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