Visual Diary: Rome Part 2

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  1. Wow, this looks great, and I’m not referring to Odd, even though he is a good looking guy. But then I’m not really in to guys, so don’t worry.
    I must really visit Rome, and looking at your photos I’m really getting jealous of my eldest son who will be visiting Rome for the second time in a couple of weeks.
    Interesting little detail: him and his girlfriend with a befriended gay couple. I like that, you should ‘take’ and respect people as they are. Accepting a person as he or she is is the best gift you can give.

  2. I am so jealous! I’ve always had a fascination with that place… even though I’ve never been there. I’m the opposite of you though — I’m such a museum / landmark lover so I gravitate towards those first. BUT I do love your leather tote. Just from looking at the picture, you know it’s fine leather.

    ALSO I know I’ve disappeared off the face of the planet but just checking in and wanted to see how you were doing. Glad to see you and Odd are doing well. And you’re still super fit! ;) I’m inspired. Haha

    1. Thanks dear! I work out like 5-6 times a week as usual with matching diet. hehehe

      I tried to check your blog, but it’s in private mode so I need to login or something. Anyway, it’s really nice to see you again and I miss you!

      If you ever come to Europe and also here in Norway please do tell me. You’re welcome to stay with us :)

  3. WOW! Lot’s of Fabulous places, my dear Charles….And that “bag” looks quite luxurious, my dear. Rome is certainly Beautiful…And the “Three Coins In The Fountain”—the Famous, Fountain de Teevi….So Very Very Special….!

    And Charles, you are so right about “Valentine’s Day”…I included that in my Part 2 which will be ready to post in a few days….That is exactly the Cemetery Garry Marshall commemorated in his film….A GREAT idea for a Location…!

    1. The Fontana di Trevi is a majestic sight to behold. Beautiful and grand.

      I recognised that cemetery from the movie and I’m happy that I got it right hehehe. I can’t wait to check the Part 2 :)

  4. Oh wow, gorgeous images. I am jealous. I really need to get to Europe at some stage. I have already decide the US trip will be end of 2012. I’m going to put Europe in there too. Mum said I should because my family that is not in Australia is in Europe. It would also be nice to see where my ancestors were as well. :-)

    Gay Village made me smile. Then I got thinking about the show Little Brittain and how Daffid is the only gay man in the Village …

    1. True! Come to Europe and don’t forget you’re always welcome to stay with us if ever you’re in my neck of the woods :)

      “I’m the only gay in the village!” said Daffyd.

  5. Ha! Did you also travel to Florence to see Michelangelo’s David?
    That’s a BIG one! Ha! ;)

    Oh I love Rome. It was really hot (temperature wise) when I went there.
    Ha, love their Gay Village.
    Isn’t that gay Pinnochio?
    Did they play YMCA in Italian or English? Ha! :o)

    1. Sadly, no we didn’t have the time. I was even itching to take a side tour to Tuscany as well. Well, next time :)

      Actually, I forgot to ask them about that Pinnochio-esque poster. I think the answer lies on the slogan or the text above the title.

  6. i’m happy you enjoyed walk for my city, this set is really familiar for me and your result is fascinating, thanks for your visit.

  7. So you and Odd have been in Rome…. how marvellous! One of the places I’d love to visit…. well, actually, anywhere in Italy. A couple of my friends are off to Italy in September and I am sooooo envious! Your pictures are really good. And just look at that luxurious soft leather bag, what a great souvenir to bring back from your holiday?
    What did Odd bring back?

    1. Thank you Shammy! You should travel to Italy when you have the time, but I really suggest that you do it during off season, so you can have the city all to yourself. No crowding tourists!

      Odd bought some soap, body scrub, some wine and a leather jacket. Aside from the bag, I also got a perfume and some other souvenirs for friends and family.

  8. Seems like you had an amazing time in Rome. I visited Rome too, few years ago. I loved it. It’s one my favorites cities in the Europe. Anyway, I hadn’t the opportunity to get inside the Colosseum but I regret now because it’s amazing. I am really fascinated of ancient history, museums and ruins so Rome is like heaven for me

    1. Yeah, we had an amazing time in Rome. We’re planning to go back there again, but it will just be me and my husband.

      Well, the next time you’ll visit Rome make sure to check out the Colosseum! :)

  9. Seeing both days of your Rome trip made me slightly nostalgic about the trip I took with my family in 2000. I remember the Swiss guards being a subject of my curiosity, and I even have a photo of myself at a rather respectable distance from their positions, because I thought they would attack me or something. To be fair, though, beneath their rather unusual uniforms are incredibly trained individuals, and attractive men!

    You and I are different in terms of museums. I can spend days in them! I suppose this stems from a fantasy that I’ve had since I was a child, wherein I would be part of E. L. Konigsburg’s “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler”, or have an adventure similar to that of the book. However, shopping, too, is a good thing, and indeed, you nabbed a gem! Great looking bag!

    1. Really? I didn’t know that hehehhehe. Those gaudy uniforms just take the sexy out of those men. Even though it was Michelangelo who designed those uniforms, it’s so last season or centuries :)

      I could really spend hours in shops especially designer stores. It’s so beautiful and every item is like a work of art.

      I agree. The bag is really a gem and wearing it makes me feel more beautiful. There’s really something about designer items or clothes. It invokes a sense of confidence in you lol :)

  10. I love seeing all the places I recognize, Charles. That’s so fun. Rome is one of those cities I could visit over and over again, even more so than Paris. Next time I go I’ll make sure Astrid is with me. :)

  11. Your photos bring me back so much! Thanks for the comments by the way. I was going to use more of my scenery photos for the layout I am using but the photos with the people bring back more memories to me. :)

    What type of camera do you have? (I am really curious because I am looking into a new one and these shots are amazing!)

    I LOVE your tote bag! I had went into Gucci with a friend wanting to buy a purse but ended up buying soccer jerseys at the PUMA store instead. (I have a bit of an obsession).

    Very classy supermodel poses. :D

    1. Thank you! I’m using an Olympus E-520, but I also use Photoshop to enhance my photos heheheh :)

      Oooh I was thinking of getting a Gucci bag as well. The first one we checked out was the LV store since it was near the restaurant where we had lunch, but I forgot what kind of bag I was looking for. We went around and checked Burberry (where I bought a perfume), Hermes, and supposedly Fendi and others, but because of the heat and tons of tourists we gave up.

      I actually bought the bag in the airport when I saw they have a Dolce and Gabbana store there.

      My friend Savi is a fan of Puma. :)

  12. I think you and your husband should go in Venice or Paris, it’s much more romantic than in Rome. You know it’s actually a premiere for me, talking to a gay person. I am really excited about this, I always wanted to meet one:D.

    You should definitely visit Greece. It’s amazing. I’ve never been to Athens but I visited Crete, Rhodos, Katerini and now I’m going to Halkidiki.

    I still working on my writing using left hand. It’s going good. I just need to find time to practice more.

    WordPress is an amazing blogging platform. I love it. I wanted to ask you, how did you do your layout? I love how the cat and the boy move around on mouse over.

    Thanks for the tip with the credit card, I blurred the information. I guess I’m just a little careless:D. I’ll be more careful from now on. I think you’re beautiful too. thanks a lot for your compliment:D

    1. We’ve been to Paris, but I was slightly disappointed, but my husband said Venice is really lovely because he was there with his family once.

      We will definitely visit Greece because I promised my friend that I will visit her.

      Regarding with the WordPress layout, I built it from scratch because this site was actually a part of my final exam at the design school. I use Parallax, a jquery plugin to make the cat and boy move.

  13. Those photos are GORGEOUS. I would love to go to Rome, oh my god. I love your shorts and shoes, they look fantastic on you! Or, you look fantastic. :D

    I actually really like museums. My jaw just drops in awe when I’m in one. I’ve sort of lost interest in shopping, but if I’m shopping in a new place, that’s bound to suck me in. :B

  14. ‘Scuse me sir, but why does your life seem so adventurous and amazing!?

    I absolutely adore the fourth picture because you are, indeed, WERQING it.

  15. You didn’t mention it, but I am guessing you also paid a visit to the Via Vittorio Veneto? :) And yes, the uniform of the Swiss guards are just like that so that we can mentally undress them. :D

  16. I never went to Paris but I visited Venice. It’s amazing, it totally worth to visit. I’ve been to Greece before, it’s an amazing country.

    I need to try that jQuery plugin. I really want to learn jQuery. I wanted to do it this summer, but I just hadn’t enough time. Maybe next summer:D

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