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        1. Yes, the uneven terrain, wind resistance, and temperature changes make running outdoors harder from a cardiovascular and calorie burning perspective. Plus the abundance of oxygen outdoors is higher than inside a gym.

  1. your neck of the woods is sooo lovely, c! i am green with envy! must be so wonderful to wake up and smell all that clean air. i would be smiling every day! =)

  2. I love cities like this one. buildings and trees in harmony—a lot of green spaces would mean more room for fresh air. sana maging green city din ang Manila one day~~

  3. You’re very lucky indeed to have such stupendously wonderful nature right at your door. I love the photos. They are so nice. I wish I have that part to shape up my glutes!

  4. staying active even on weekends? hahaha! good for you! i tend to bum a lot especially on sunday that is a ‘me’ (ok, plus the family) day.

    btw, great view of the dock from the top. :)

    1. Yes, that’s a typical family day for us here in Norway. That’s why most of the stores on Sunday are close so everyone have the time to spend with their families and commune with nature at the same time.

      1. we have an odd way of spending time together and its mostly done on our own. so much for quality time, hehe

  5. Ugh. You live in such a beautiful place! Really, I wish I live in a plae like that or at least somewhere near. There’s not enough nature here in Manila. =(

  6. I wish I lived somewhere close to a place I could mountain hike. Those photographs look gorgeous!

    I remember mountain hiking but it was as part of a school excursion many years back.

  7. What a glorious view from the top. I love climbing hills or mountains and looking down! Too bad it’s very flat where I live here in S Ontario.
    I think I have to buy more lottery tickets in the hope of being able to afford a trip to beautiful Bergen one day!

  8. HOORAY, HOORAY! I’m glad that the “site” being down was all that the problem was…I was beginning to think I was “hexed” with your Blog….lol!

    That is such a BEAUTIFUL Area up there….and that there is a Finicular too…That is wonderful–PLUS, a restaurant..! We have places to Hije right here in the city, but nothing so sophisticated and user-friendly…!
    Lovely pictures Charles….Where you live in Bergen lloks very very beautiful, too….!

  9. Wow, it looks like you live in such a beautiful city with wonderful surroundings. I love all of your photos in this post… It looks wonderful!

  10. Bergen at it’s best is allmost unbeaten. Culture, history, nature, food and and and…
    Your photo are really high class..
    Impressing how sporty you are. I like that.

    I’ve had american family over there, and they loved the city and visit.
    Even my DIL loved Bergen.
    And when she got her first ever Trout for Dinner at Flöien, she felt she was in heaven.
    OK, we took the funikular – Flöibanen.
    My cousin from San Francisco even bought Whale Meat!!!

    Excellent post

  11. WOW! You take really nice pictures! :O I’m amazed. Haha. I use a dslr, too but I still dont know how to operate it. and I’m a n00b ;~; haha.
    Thanks for the link, btw! I’m a book lover too so I’ll check it out <3

  12. These are beautiful photos, Charles. I think Norway is one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited. It’s easy to fall in love with nature when in Norway.

    The weekend is almost here. Are you excited?

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  13. Wow Charles, you live in such a beautiful place! Wish I can walk those paths sometime in the near future. And beautifully taken pictures by the way :)

    Hope you and Odd are well!

  14. Hi! I’m a closet follower of your blog, every now and then. I have to say I am awestruck by your photos, and so thank you for sharing a snippet of your city to me and the rest of us in the blogosphere.

  15. The train photo reminds me of the old train that travels up to Jungfraujoch in Switzerland. It’s so amazing that the centuries old equipment can still manage to do that to this day. Just imagine the power of the new ones.

    Thanks for the photos. It makes me want to take a long vacation.

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