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    1. The Burberry boots are just beautiful. It’s sturdy and stylish at the same time perfect for the weather here in Bergen especially now when it’s raining straight for almost a week!

      1. Ooohh, interesting cause I love blueberries. I wonder if they have something like that in the bars here.

        And that bag by Moo is fabulous, I am attracted to bags with lots of useful pockets.

    1. That’s true! It’s really fun shopping with friends and thank you! Yes, the boots are really useful especially if you’re living in Bergen, the rainiest city in Europe.

    1. Size 44 in UK is around 9 and a half. But I usually buy shoes between that size and 10 for a bit of allowance especially when you’re wearing thick socks during winter.

      Yes, you’re shoe size is definitely bigger than mine, but only a little bit :)

      Hahhaha you’re quite naughty! I don’t really know if they’re true because I dated guys with big feet, but their equipments are way disappointing.

      1. Ha ha… That’s an urban myth.
        But I think that’s probably true.
        My colleague is size 12 (shoe size).
        He is like a donkey,his member is OMG… At least, 10 inches when soft. We both use our company gym quite often, and I feel so small in the changing room! Ha ha…

        You’re right. It’s not all about size, it’s how you use it. Ha ha!

        1. Ha ha ha ha! How did you know? Did you measure it lol!

          I think you’re colleague’s equipment is a show-er because it maintains most of its length and girth in its resting state.

          1. Ha ha… No need to measure.
            It’s crystal clear.

            I see his fellow so often in the gym. When he’s staying still, his member swings left and right like an elephant’s tail.

            Me and other colleagues always make fun of that particular colleague in the shower. Poor bloke!

            Ha ha… So are you saying I am a grow-er? But some show-ers can also be grow-ers!

              1. I can’t watch YouTube right now.
                Haven’t upgraded my Flash yet.
                So I shall watch this when I return London.

                You know what? Science sometimes cannot be used to prove everything.
                There’s always an exception.

                Let me confront my colleague when I see him again in the shower.

                After all, don’t you think this is a bit like camera lenses? It’s not about how big your camera lenses are, but the way you shoot it.
                Ha ha… Pardon the pun!

  1. Lovely indeed. I love to shop, but have problems finding fitting clothes and shoes. I’m too tall (1.76 cm) even to be Swedish obviously – or we import all clothes from other countries. I prefer going to the Netherlands for clothes – they’re all tall there as it seems – and I once went to Milano to buy shoes (6 pairs). I have narrow feet, so the shoes over here (at least summer shoes) are simply too wide.

    1. We have the same height! 1.76 cm for a woman is indeed tall and you could have been a model! Some of my girl friends have the same height as yours and when they wear heels they’re just towering over me lol!

  2. I can’t wait to go shopping! I’m doing so for my birthday. :D Those boots are nice!

    I like going shopping with people as well. Just depending on who it is. I usually already know what kinds of things I want so I don’t like to take too long doing it lol.

  3. Friends make shopping move up to the next level. The advices, laughter and simply their presence are all invaluable. My wife and her girlfriends had an all girls day out on labor day while the husbands updated their nanny skills. They went to the outlet in Cypress, ventured Houston’s Galleria and top the day’s cake with margaritas and sweet friendship at Kona Grill on their Happy hour. She said it was a blast! Same enthusiasm minus the cool looking boots. I had fun reading the post. It’s like watching a scene of confessions of a shopacholic. Are you sure you’re not my wife’s classmate? Ha, ha, ha! As for me, I was playing Lego with my son that day. We made a mallow bridge. Great post, you have humor and zest when you right..,and you know what killer boots are!

  4. I want a flashy bitch. I read your description above and they sound yummy!
    I always go shopping with my friends … One of them is sure to know somewhere I don’t :-)

  5. Haha talk about a fashion adventure!

    You look absolutely dashing in those boots. I would love to snag me a pair of dark red rainboots. *nods*

  6. I heart those boots! I’m glad you got them in the end. :3 Whenever I shop, I shop with my mum because I trust her to make all the right decisions, even though I rarely agree with her. She bought me a pair of rad gumboots a few months ago. They’re huge so I can wear them specially for the garden when the weather is shit. I wish she’d bought me a well fitted pair like yours so I could wear them out!

    I find that when I shop with friends I’m more likely to buy something. I dunno but I got an awesome pair of jeans once when I went with my friends.

    I honestly don’t know how to explain the feeling when a pair of shoes I love doesn’t come in my size. I say I hate shoes but that situation makes me so upset!

    PS. Love the movement of the images in the layout now. XD

  7. Thanks for the link Meisa Kuroki! what a nice clip! Love your fashion look, Charles! Nice you could find your boots! It’s not so easy to find the article you wish! Lucky you are! Shopping with friends is great! I wonder I have a such good friend in my relations!

  8. A shopping excursion is always a great things to document. Seeing the photographs of your boots, as well as the bag and book eye-candy appealed to the shoes/bags/books lover in me. I especially love the shape of the bag that you photographed. I also took a look at the website of its brand, and the other items in the collection look just as fantastic. If they did overseas orders, the idea would be even more tempting.

    You know, aside from your friends helping you find the best buys, another great reason to go shopping with your friends is that their presence sometimes reminds you to spend less. It could be a case-to-case thing, but when I am shopping alone, I have a tendency to spend more.

    Hope you had a good weekend, Charles. May the coming week be a blessed, beautiful, and be filled with opportunities to sport those fabulous new boots!

  9. I am glad that in the end you found the boots you wanted. I love how they look. You look amazing in those, also the coat you’ve got from Rome is beautiful too:d.

    Greece was relaxing, but I love more my home:d. I’m glad I’ve got home, back to reality:D

  10. New boots! OOOOO I want some too.
    I have some great black suede long boots but I hate to wear them in the snow as I don’t want to spoil the look, you know! So I wear ordinary boots in the bad weather…. and I definitely need new ones. Love shopping with friends…. well, I just love shopping!

  11. LOL Charlie, you always kill me!


    Your boots are gorgeous. Young man, I must tell you that I like your style! And you got a lot of it!

    Yes, never shop without your friends ;).


  12. This post makes me want to live in Europe, at least for a little while. I’ve been reading so much about daily life in Europe, whether it’s in blogs or at school. It’s so fascinating. I mean, I’m not necessarily unhappy with America, I’d just like to experience something a little different for awhile.

    Flashy Bitch. That sounds fun, haha. I’m glad you found good boots! They look great with that trench. I’m very particular when it comes to boots, so I know how frustrating it could be. My friends always think the design I’m looking for is all in my head. -_-

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